The Simpsons: Bart VS. The World

a game by Acclaim, and Arc Developments

Platforms: NESNESSega Master SystemSega Master SystemGameGear

Genres: Action, Platformer

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It's a quiet, rainy afternoon in Springfield and Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are watching "Itchy and Scratchy" reruns. During a break, Krusty the Clown announces the results of the first annual Montgomery Bums artwork contest. And the lucky grand-prize winner of a worldwide treasure-chasing trip for his entire family is (drumroll)...Bart Simpson! Look out world, here come the Simpsons!

He's in Deep, Deep Trouble, Man

Aye carumba, there's gotta' be a catch! There is. Unbeknownst to the Bartmeister, crafty ol' Monty set up the bogus contest, so he could finally give screw-ball-employee-of-the-decade Homer a permanent vacation. Now America's favorite orange-hued family is about to embark on a hazard-packed sightseeing expedition through four countries. To make it 'round the world safely they'll have to evade tourist traps, grab Krusty collectibles, and defeat Monty's henchmen.

Doin' the Bartman

Bart has a blast searching for cheap Krusty toys scattered throughout each country's vertically and horizontally scrolling attractions. Hidden in some areas are more valuable Krusty collectibles, which Bart's fellow Simpsons help him locate. If he finds all nine, Bart gets a special ending (we won't give it away, but let's just say Burns and sniveling yes-man Smithers get their just desserts).

In addition to regular Krusty junk (fifteen pieces = one free life), Bart collects other special items such as diamonds for extra lives and Jebediah's and Bart's favorite refreshing Kwik-E-Mart drinks, Grape Squishees. If you just gotta' "do the Bartman", grab the cape-plus-suit power-up and fly free as a grade-schooler for a few seconds.

ProTip: Leap from the top of the Chinese ship's second sail and hold down Left on your control pad. Near the edge of the screen is the Bartman cape. Fly straight up for big-time points and free Baits.

The map screen enables you to take a breather from the regular adventure mode and play special bonus games, such as a slot machine, a memory-match game with cards depicting Springfield residents, and a sliding-tile puzzle portrait. If you're a true Simpson's buff, try your hand at the trivia bonus game with tidbits like "Why did Marge start a crusade against cartoon violence?" (Answer. Because Maggie hit Homer on the head with a mallet.)

  • There's no cost to play a bonus game, so plug away until you win the prize.

  • Match three Ottos in the slot machines for a maximum Krusty score.

Montys Round the World

Bums contacted his evil distant relatives to deep-six the Simpsons, but Bart figures if he can thwart an invasion of Space Mutants from trashing Springfield, the Burns bunch should be no problem. However, he has to reach them and feed them first, easier said than done. And away we go!

First stop: China. Bart rambles around an ancient, seafaring ship in search of goodies. Then he puts his skateboarding skills to the test in a dare-devil's thrill ride down the Great Wall of China.

  • Walk left on the boat until you reach the edge, then fall off while holding down Right on your control pad. You'll land near Maggie and her Krusty Collectible Model Ship.

  • Touch Lisa on the Great Wall and the Krusty Collectible Statue will appear later in the level.

  • Toss your firecrackers at Fu Manchu-Burns when he doses his fan.

Next Bart freezes his fanny at the North Pole. The Ice Cave is a maze of stalactites, icicles, and directionless corridors. Then Bart must negotiate a partially frozen swiftly-flowing river.

  • Bounce off the Ice Cave bubbles when they're fully formed.

  • Swat Marge's baseballs at the Krusty Collectible Snowman, then chase it down when it falls through the floor.

  • Jump on the Ice River floes to gain momentum.

  • Fling firecrackers at the igloo to uncover the Krusty Collectible Ice Cube.

  • Hop on Abominable Snow Burns' head five times for victory.

If Bart doesn't catch frostbite in the arctic circle, he'll definitely sweat the sun in Egypt's dry heat. A cursed pyramid, a storm-ridden desert, and the Sphinx await him there, all inhabited by poisonous snakes, sting-ready scorpions, and other malicious sand-slithering creatures.

  • Listen to Lisa's blues inside the Pyramid and she'll fork over the Krusty Collectible Mummy.

  • Look for the desert level's Krusty Collectible Sand Sculpture in the giant pit's first opening on the right.

  • Save Homer from a long fall by stomping on his fingers and knocking him into the Sphinx's mouth. He'll reward you with the Krusty Collectible Mini-Sphinx.

  • To unravel Ramses-Burns, grab the magic carpet's loose thread and pull.

Final destination is the entertainment capital of the universe - Hollywood, California. Bart takes a leading role on several pre-production movie sets, including a pirate flick and a horror picture. But our star-struck adolescent must contend with insane actors, animals-gone-berserk, and jealous prime-time wannabees.

  • Find Maggie at the tip-top of the pirate ship's second sail and she'll unfurl the Krusty Collectible Jolly Roger Flag.
  • Drop down the first open grave on the fright-night movie set to discover a secret passage.
  • Homer has the Collectible Krustystein Monster on Soundstage 2 - just give him a nudge.
  • Launch firecrackers at Eric-von Burns when he lowers his boom.

Best (and Worst) of Bart

Bart II's graphics and sounds are similar to his Space Mutants title. His silly swagger remains, but so do the blocky background and foreground visuals. The theme music and sound effects are O.K. -- only the smart-alec digitized voices are missing. Play control is identical to the Space Mutants title, easy to learn though sometimes inaccurate. Finally, the lack of a continue feature or a difficulty select screen makes him repetitive and probably too tough for the younger set.

While Acclaim's latest Nintendo episode doesn't afford the scathing satire of the television show, it contains a lot of crowd-pleasing, true-to-TV Simpsons window dressing (like the trivia contest) and solid hop-a-lot action. After running him through the rigors of a zany-but-strenuous Nintendo workout, the conclusion of this review became obvious: If ya' loved Bart in the Space Mutants you're gonna' like him in Bart vs. the World. Despite a few shortcomings here and there, Bart's new game is a world-beater!

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The Simpsons: Bart VS. The World Downloads

Sega Master System The Simpsons: Bart VS. The World download
  • Manufacturer: Flying Edge
  • Machine: Game Gear
  • Theme: Action
  • Release: 1993

People say:


For all of you who really could not stand the game play in Bart vs. the Space Mutants will not have to cringe when being tempted to purchase this cart. It really has a lot of diversity, and even plays a bit better than the old NES version. The control is excellent, plus the graphics are really good. Lots of appearances by all the Simpsons' characters really make this one a treat for fans of the animated series!


I remember this one back from the NES version. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. The game plays very slowly and there's no real control of Bart. Sure, some of the scenes may look pretty detailed, but it's just not very not very exciting and not very fun. Don't get me completely wrong, here. It's better than Bart vs. the Space Mutants and more playable, but it just doesn't offer enough excitement.


This cart is a big improvement over previous Simpsons' titles for the GG. The graphics are excellent and very bright and colorful. The sounds are really good, too. There is a lot more variety to the game play and the control is very responsive. Of course, the humor of Bart and his wacky friends is rampart throughout the game. Overall this is another quality Game Gear cart and Simpsons' fans should take note.


Ah, yes, more Simpsons! I remember the bad taste left by Bart vs. the Space Mutants (the 'Eat my shorts, man' one), so I really wasn't looking forward to playing this one. But I was somewhat surprised! The graphics are very good and the control was precise enough to keep one from throwing the Game Gear on the ground! Overall, a vast improvement over the previous "Space Mutants" for the GG.

reggie posted a review
  • Number of Levels: 5
  • Theme: Action
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: December

No problem, dude!

Get set, because the folks at Acclaim have come out of nowhere with a brand new Simpsons' adventure! In a multi-format puzzle/adventure contest, you must control Bart Simpson, the small dude with an attitude, who's amazingly made it to the finals of a special Krusty the Klown art contest! The winner receives an all-expenses paid trip around the world courtesy of nuclear power-plant owner Montgomery Burns! While the success of Bart's stick figure portrait of Krusty as the winning entry remains questionable, Mr. Burns must fork over the dough to get the Simpson clan around the world as promised. Mr. Burns realizes, however, that a loophole exists in the contest that requires him to send his old foes the Simpsons', but nothing says he must bring them back! Use your puzzle solving and action game skills to overcome Mr. Burns and his relatives in multiple locations around the world!

Level 1

Level one starts by familiarizing you with the basics of play! Level one contains each the puzzle games as well as an action segment filled with secret items! A special secret awaits on the ship, where you must fall straight down to reach your baby sister Maggie! Touch her and you'll get a special bonus

Level 2

This level can be very tricky, but it's simple when you know what to do. First find Marge and then wait until she throws tennis balls at you. Bounce them off your head into the Krusty statue. After the statue falls, go and find it. After this, jump to the top and move to the right to get to the level goal!

Level 3

The game starts to heat up in level three now that there are two action sequences and one less puzzle. Enter the ancient pyramids and continue to venture ahead until you encounter the Sphinx! In addition you must battle the Sphinx of Krusty and change into Bartman to safely exist the round!

reggie posted a review

Bart is back!

Bart has won his family a trip around the world by drawing a rather homely picture of Homer's boss, Mr. Burns. In revenge, Burns sends his own family members around the world to destroy the Simpsons! Travel around the world collecting pieces of art, Krusty the Clown icons and most of all, avoiding the insidious Burns family! It's up to Bart to save the Simpsons once again!

reggie posted a review
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