The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

a game by Acclaim, and Arc Developments

Platforms: NESNESGameGear

Genres: Action, Platformer

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Bart Simpson, superhero? It's enough to make you feel sorry for the forces of evil! Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is Acclaim's latest NES adventure starring the family that put the "e" in family values.

Bart-Time Help Wanted

What has the Bart-ster gotten himself into this time? Well, this time he's jumped into the latest issue of his favorite comic book, "Mighty-Hero, Radioactive Man!" Radioactive Man has been imprisoned in the Limbo Zone by Brain-0 the Magnificent. In this side-view, multi-scrolling, action/adventure game, Bart must fight the good fight through four Chapters (13 levels total) against the three Guardians of the Zoneā€”the Swamp Hag, Dr. Julius Crab, and Lava Man.


  • In the junkyards, don't miss the special Limbo Zone Warp symbol that transports you to another worldly bonus stage. There you can collect 1-ups and power-ups. Be sure to shoot the alien in the lower left comer to get a flying power-up.
  • To beat the hairy Swamp Hag, freeze her fishy three-eyed Blinky's until you reach her level. Hit her with a freeze shot, then move in close and whack her with a punch. Repeat this until she's swamp gas.

Watch the Cape, Man

Bart's superhero skills are fairly down to earth, but they get the job done. He starts out with fists of fury and a nice little spin kick. He can find power-ups to blast Laser Bolts from his eyes and shoot freezing Ice Crystals. A Tornado icon makes him an invincible, whirling dervish. If you're lucky enough to find it, there's an icon that even enables him to fly.

In the reactor level, don't be fooled by the long winding passages. Move right until you see this Tornado icon. Stay on the upper moving platform as it rises. The exit is just to the right.

In true comic book fashion, Barty's foes are deadly, mutated creatures bent on getting him out of their way forever. Look sharp, this game wastes no time in sicking a load of bad guys on ol' Bart. He barely has time to say "Ay Carumba!" before another radiated wrong-doer is in his face.

  • To find the flying icon on the second stage of Dr. Crab's underwater fortress, fall by the second slimy waterfall. The icon's near the bottom.
  • Beat Dr. Crab by hitting him directly between the claws when he drops down on you. He'll bounce off the wall and dent it. After three tries, he goes through the j wall. Follow him and repeat the procedure until Crab's cooked.

Mighty-Hero, Mighty Good

Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is solid Simpsons fun. The game play is basic J punch, run, and jump, with a few added tricks, such as flying and swimming. The graphics aren't too bad, thanks to the comic book-like bright colors. Overall, the game dishes out a healthy challenge, a and some areas will strain your brain. The real fun is knowing that you're Bartman with a mission. Warm up the reactors, guys, 'cuz here comes Bartman!

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