The World Is Not Enough

a game by Eurocom

Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Action

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The name's Bond, James Bond! After an epic wait the suave and sophisticated secret agent is making a comeback on the N64. Shockingly though this title is being made not by Rare but by EA! Thankfully however like Goldeneye this is a 3-D first person shooter split into mission-based levels. There are ten levels in ail based on scenes from the film and split into several objectives. Whilst on these levels you'll get to play with no less than 40 weapons and gadgets! So far this is looking amazing and - dare we say it - possibly even better than Goldeneye'.

First Impressions

What can we say? It's another Bond game - and about time too! Thankfully this game is already looking much more impressive than the rather duff Tomorrow Never Dies which popped up on the PlayStation, and it does indeed look like it might be able to rival Perfect Dark for playability. It's time to don that tuxedo again and run around your house pretending that your clenched fingers are really a Walther P99!

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