Thunder Force 4

a game by Technosoft

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Action, Flying, Shooting Games

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  • Manufacturer: Technosoft
  • Machine: Mega Drive

One of the most successful series of shooters for the Genesis is the Thunder Force series. The last game TF3 set new standards in side-scrolling action games. Now, the fourth in the series is on its way, and it looks even hotter! While it is presently very incomplete, what we saw impressed us!

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Thunder Force 4 Downloads

Sega Genesis Thunder Force 4 download

The Thunder is back! With the unparalleled success of TF 3, it seemed impossible to surpass this shooter! Enter Thunder Force IV!

This shooter contains such action, you will be sweating bullets before long! A vast array of power-ups, incredibly huge bosses and an awesome soundtrack are just a part of this fantastic shooter! All the parallax scrolling will blow you away!

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