Todd's Adventures in Slime World

a game by Epyx, Inc.

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Platformer

Todd's Adventures in Slime World

For quite some time, Lynx players have known what a hot game Todd's Adventures in Slime World is. Now Genesis owners can dip themselves into the same bottomless pit of disgustin', oozin' fun! Renovation presents a faithful translation of this popular game, plus enhanced graphics and game play! Whether playing solo or with a friend, you're in store for a gooey good adventure!

Slime Time!

You're Todd, famous intergalactic explorer, in search of priceless slime gems scattered deep within the bowels of the planet Slime World. Gathering slime gems won't be easy in this side-scrolling, third-person perspective game. You have to drop into the heart of the planet and climb, jump, crawl, trudge, and sludge your way through an endless maze of slime- encrusted tunnels. Beware the hordes of repulsive, disgusting monstrosities that inhabit every nook and cranny of this underground world. As if things couldn't get any worse, the glowing green slime completely surrounding you can disintegrate you within moments!

Fortunately, Todd has a vast arsenal of weapons and devices at his disposal, in addition to his laser pistol. Scattered throughout Slime World are Mega Bombs, Slime Shields, Slime Cleansers, Ammo, Slime Bait, and Jet Packs that assist your progress through the muck and slime. The most important item is your Computer Map, which tracks and diagrams your movements through the maze of passages. If you're ever completely lost, the handy Restart/Password feature enables you to either completely restart the game or restart in a previous location.


  • Don't dip your jets into pools of water. You'll explode!
  • Immediately duck into an Mega Bomb, or you'll end up char-broiled!

Oozin' Options

Choose from among six different adventures on Slime World. "Easy" requires you to merely stay alive until you find way out. "Logic" removes your pistol, leaving only your wits to help you survive. "Exploration" thrusts you into confusing circular passages as you try to find your way to the rescue ship. "Suspense" drops you onto Slime World two minutes before it explodes. "Action" provides nonstop hordes of monsters in every direction. "Arcade" makes life difficult by taking away the option of restarting.

  • Plant Slime Bait near passageways so you can easily pick off all the nasties it attracts.
  • Tossing lime Cleanser into slime pools transforms it into clear water!
  • Watch out for red slime that destroys you upon contact!

You'll be amazed at the multitude of caverns, creatures, and catastrophes awaiting you at every turn. Jump and climb everywhere to discover secret passages. Be careful! Carnivorous monsters often lie submerged just beneath the calm surfaces of slime. Use Slime Shields, Red Slime Gems, or pools of clear water to rinse off the deadly goop.

A Disgustin' Delight!

The many features of Todd's Adventures in Slime World provide an infinite number of strategies and moves. The two-player option works extremely well by splitting the screen in half but doesn't compromise any of the graphics or the game play. Although it's identical to the Lynx version, those who have already played this game will want to experience this game on the large screen. Sharp graphics, an engaging story line, and a nice mixture of action and suspense guarantees a messy, but fun-filled, time for all! Let's get slimed!

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Todd's Adventures in Slime World Downloads

Sega Genesis Todd's Adventures in Slime World download

You are Todd, a brave and fearless explorer and you want to conquer Slime World, a world filled with bizarre creatures, flowing rivers of slime, and man-eating plants. 8 players can join in and fight their way through 6 complex and challenging levels. A fantastic adventure with lots of huge slime filled caverns to explore.

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  • Manufacturer: Atari
  • Machine: Lynx

The name "Lynx" was chosen be\cause it sounds like "links", hinting that the machines can be networked. Both the Game Boy and the Lynx can be hooked to other units for multiplayer games, but where the Game Boy is limited to two players, the Lynx can go further - as this game demonstrates. Have a Lynx and seven friends who also own one? Good, now, all of you go buy Slime World cards and then Comlynx all eight systems together. Yes, an eight-player game. I'm not kidding!

Slime World is simple in concept, complex in reality. You are dropped into subterranean caverns on the planet, where you search for valuable "slime gems". A more immediate concern is just staying alive, and most important, finding the exit to the surface. The caverns are huge, complex affairs, laden with dangers, both obvious and hidden. The most persistent danger is the slime, which drips from points on the ceiling, fills pits on the cavern floor and sprays from the rupturing corpses of enemies you attack.

The more slime that gets on you, the greener your character gets, until he finally "pops" and goes up in a spurt of slime. Fortunately, there are slime shields scattered here and there and occasional puddles of water where you can wash the goop off.

There are many types of from the play enemies, from screeching monsters that slime you on contact to those that hang overhead and drip slime. There are other creatures that, when shot, throw red slime out. Red slime is fatal on contact, so watch it! One really sick-looking creature does nothing more than clamp onto you, sucking your head and upper body into itself, preventing you from bending over to pick up useful items. This thing looks really gross, makes a disgusting sucking sound and is a nuisance, but fortunately, a quick dip into a pool of water will dissolve it. This situation is funny, in a gross sort of way.

Scattered throughout the caverns are useful items, including slime shields, gun power-ups (which increase your firepower), megabombs, jet packs (don't use one while standing in water!) and cleansers (for turning a pool of slime into water). You also carry a computer map, which allows to you review where you've been and spot hidden openings into rooms you haven't yet explored (it also shows you the location of other players in multi-player mode).

The game is mean. Each of its six levels is a complete game in itself, and each one has different goals. In one, you have to keep finding special mushrooms to lengthen your time limit; in another you have but one life, and your goal is to get as far as you can before you die; and in another only one player can escape! It's routine to complete a level with a score in the millions, which should give you some idea of how complex this game really is.

Slime World has great graphics. When you step in some water, your character scrubs away any slime. If he falls a long way, his feet get mired in the slime and it takes him a few steps to free them. The sound is good, too, from the splattering noises of dying enemies to the cries of others, to the heart-stopping "chomp" when a man-eating monster pops unexpectedly from an innocent-looking floor and devours your character in one gulp.

Slime World is a real gross-out game, but whether or not you're into alien mucus doesn't really matter. This is a Lynx must-have.

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  • Manufacturer: Renovation
  • Machine: Genesis
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Available: June 1992
  • No. of Levels: 6
  • Theme: Action

This could get messy!

Todd's Adventures in Slime World is finally coming to the Genesis! The popular Lynx title will be given a new life in the homes of Genesis owners. Todd most negotiate his way through vast underground caverns while blasting aliens with his water pistol and dodging droplets of the dreaded slime. If the slime gets on Todd, he must find water to wash it off. If he becomes completely covered with it, he will die.

There are various items that our hero can collect along the way. Some of these include gun enhancements, slime shields, jet packs, slime bait and mega bombs. Todd's Adventures in Slime World by Renovation should provide hours of drippy, slimy, goopy entertainment. Just remember to bring the soap!

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Todd's Adventures in Slime World is a slimy, messy good time! Poor Todd has crash-landed on a slime covered planet infested with slime-coated creatures! Todd's only weapon is a water pistol that he uses to blast enemies. Collect various items to increase your odds like the gun enhancements, slime shields, jet packs and mega bombs. Compete against each other in the two player mode.

People say:


I was never a real fan of the original Lynx version of this search and destroy cartridge, so it goes without saying that the Genesis version fell far from tripping any triggers. Although the presentation is slightly better than the small screen version, the overall mission is the same and, in my opinion, remains awkward and flat.


It's good to see this fine game on a decent system. The Lynx is OK but the Genesis has more going for it - like a screen you can see from more than 4 inches away. Decent game play and very good graphics make this a good action] game. The levels are long enough and should offer the player a good challenge.


Being a fan of the Lynx version, this cart I had a lot to live up to the graphics are very good and the animation is still smooth and the slime is very fluid. The game play has lost a lot of its original control and this severely affects the enjoyability. The sound needs a little reworking, as it can get annoying.


All right! Another cool adventure/maze game is out for the Genesis! Lynx players will recognize this title, but Slime World was always destined for the big time. It's getting so that no matter what system you own, your favorite game will appear on it any way. Slime World is a solid game filled with secrets and surprises.

reggie posted a review

Atari Lynx owners have been enjoying Slime World for some time now. Well Mega Drive owners, Slime World will be oozing its way into your homes soon! All of the features are here, including the exciting two player simultaneous action. An instant hit for the Mega Drive!

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Best known as an Atari Lynx title, Treco is thinking about sprucing it up, lengthening it, and bringing it out as a Genesis soft. Looks good and plays well to boot!

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  • Platform: Lynx
  • Type: Action
  • Release: July 1990
  • Levels: 6
  • Difficulty: Avg.

You're an intergalactic explorer who has set down on a planet made of slime! You must complete the six prescribed missions to return to your lander. These range from simply exploring the catacombs of the dripping and gurgling world, to uncovering specific items or reaching particular goals.

The graphics are used to emphasize the slime which thickens on your hero as he's hit.

People say:


Slime World shows a lot of potential early on, especially in the graphic development and detail on the Lynx. While the game succeeds in looks, it lacks in game play and sounds. The music is grating and while there's a lot to explore, it's never much fun.


This game is filled with expansive worlds to explore and highly detailed graphics. Although the game isn't exactly coming at an intense pace, and the control is less than responsive. There is shooting and jumping and a lot to interact with though.


Slime World is a completely original and quite expansive game for the Lynx. A variety of backgrounds, with animated rivers of slime add to the visual appeal of the game. The music is a sore spot, but the game play is interesting enough to please most.


The perfect blend of search and destroy! Slime World has great graphics with incredible detail (you can actually see the slime coating your soldier!). The game does suffer from poor round definition and the controls are sluggish, but all in all it's great!

reggie posted a review

Need a break from your squeaky-clean daily routine? Looking for a little excitement and adventure along with trillions of gallons of disgusting, sickening, gut-wrenching SUME?!? Well, you're in muck, errr, luck! You'll get all that and more in Todd's Adventures in Slime World. You and up to seven other Comlynxed friends are in store for the grossest escapade of your lives!

Six Sickening Sojourns

You are Todd, famous intergalactic explorer, and you've located a mysterious derelict starship. Onboard you find a captain's log which describes a planet called "Slime World" that's filled with a vast treasure of priceless Slime Gems.

You throw your ship into a hyper-speed U-turn and rocket straight for Slime World! However, gathering Slime Gems won't be easy because they're scattered within the deepest levels of the planet. And you must venture into the bowels of Slime World on foot! During your quest, you'll trudge, climb, jump, and crawl through hundreds of slime-dripping underground chambers and fight off hordes of repulsive, gooey monsters!

You have your choice of six different adventures! Unfortunately, each time you plunge into the depths of Slime World, you only have a few vague clues to guide you. Fortunately, you have a hefty arsenal of weapons at your disposal. In addition to your laser pistol, you can find Mega Bombs, Slime Shields, Slime Cleansers, and portable Jet Packs along the way. Your most valuable item is the Computer Map which provides a super-detailed diagram of the winding maze of passages around you.

ProTip: Setting oil Mega Bombs requires extreme caution. Make sure that you can quickly duck into an adjacent chamber as soon as you set one off, or you'll end up charbroiled like everything else!

Slip Sliding Amy

You'll be amazed at the multitude of caverns, creatures, and catastrophes awaiting you at every turn. Watch your step.

Carnivorous monsters that lay submerged beneath the slime can swallow you whole! You may also encounter slippery fields of ice, underground rivers of slime, and pulsating orbs that frequently erupt in a shower of green goop!

Try to avoid getting too much slime on yourself. It's deadly stuff that can kill you if you don't use a Slime Shield, find a Super Slime Gem, or rinse off in a pool of clear water.

Since you can only carry one Slime Shield at a time, its best to activate a shield each time you find a new one. It never hurts to have extra protection!

Oozin' to the Max!

Adventure gaming fans will flip for Todd's Adventures in Slime World and quickly find themselves knee-deep in slimy suspense and muck-raking action. Sharp graphics and an engaging storyline guarantee a fun-filled, messy time for all!

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