a game by Tengen

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

"Let's go Toobin' now, everybody's Toobin' now..." Hey dude, get ready for some wild white-water action on the river of your choice. Climb aboard your favorite toob and get ready to cruise down up to 49 different rivers in nine different classes. The rivers range from prehistoric, complete with yellow dinosaurs, to southwestern, complete with six-gun shotting caballeros, to Martian, complete with purple water! And this isn't any ride down the lazy river either -- you'll have to dodge all kinds of obstacles sharp enough to pop your inner tube, including things like axes, gunfire, and flying penguins that come winging at you from the river banks. But, like, you can also grab cans and six-packs to toss at obstacles. If you're feeling really gnarly, grab power-ups, like spinning beach balls, that let you wing cans fast and far. Based on the arcade title of the same name, this game is a wet and wild change from your normal everyday sports title. Hey, like, it's totally toobular!

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