Top Gear 3000

Top Gear 3000

The game is set in the year 2962, five centuries after World War XVII devastated most of the colonized planets of the Milky Way. The Galactic Conglomerate of Unified Planets is in control and there are a growing number of outlaw thrill-seekers who have too much money. These bandits have set up an illegal tournament called Top Gear 3000 to get rid of their expensive boredom. Get ready to strap to accelerate into another level of game play excitement.

The game features varying views, including a one-player full and a one-player split screen. There is also a Two-player Mode and a Password Option.

You can even set up your speedometer to display miles per hour or kilometers per hour. After choosing the race option, the track description will appear. This describes the star system and planet you are racing on, the length of the circuit and the current weather conditions. The number of races in each star system varies depending on the game difficulty level you have chosen. In the parts and body shop you can upgrade your car with the prize money you win.

As you get further in the game you will encounter more technologically-advanced items that you will want to purchase. However, the black market prices are steep. But, it's a small price to pay to become the king of the road.

Good luck racing fans!

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Top Gear returns to shred more SNES asphalt. Although the racing action is familiar, this game includes a terrific four-player option.

Green Flag

You've probably raced games like this before. Top Gear 3000 seems like the 3000th game with behind-the-car racing on forward-scrolling highways. The usual options are here: Win races, and you win car improvements in everything from engine to tires.

As you progress deeper into the game, you acquire special abilities like weapons, but Top Gear's mainly a racing game, not a Road Rasher, so the weapons aren't integral to the action. The best option is the head-to-head simultaneous racing, where the screen divides into four square boxes for good four-player fun.

ProTip: Rather than gradually spending money on lots of different parts, quickly buy the most expensive Nitro Boost that you can afford.

The graphics are above average. The 47 tracks take you to various spacey locales throughout the galaxy, though many of them look suspiciously Earthlike. The cars are big, but you only get spinouts, not wrecks. The four-player boxes make multiplayer racing easier than it is in Street Racer, which gives its four drivers thin, layered strips of track.

The sounds are pretty ordinary. Rumbling engines and mild tire screeches rev up the action, but there are no voices or dynamic tunes to keep your ears excited.

Checkered Flag

Adjustable difficulty and smoothly handling cars that are easy to win with make this game a good choice for drivers who don't yet have their license. Top Gear 3000 isn't at the top of the winner's list, but its running fine.

  • If you're having trouble passing, slip briefly outside the track if you have to. Don't linger, or you'll hit an obstacle.
  • Fire up your Nitro Boost before the race even starts, especially if you have a bad pole position. You might get a jump on your competition.
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