Top Gear

a game by Gremlin

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Racing

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Top Gear by Kemco offers the in-credible speed of F-Zero, and some of the best split-screen, auto racing action ever to hit a home system.

Can't Drive 55!

The object of Top Gear is to drive on 32 tracks in eight different countries. Place within the top five and you'll get a password to move on to the next country.

Whether you play Top Gear solo, or with a friend, you'll always see a split-screen (top and bottom) view from behind the car. Either Player Two, or the computer, controls the car on the bottom half of the screen.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from: Amateur, Professional, and Championship. Increasing the difficulty makes the computer drivers more aggressive.

The four cars you can chose from-the Cannibal, the Sidewinder, the Razor, and the Weasel- are rated for maximum speed, acceleration speed from 0 to 60 m.p.h., tire grip, and fuel consumption. The Cannibal has the highest maximum speed -- 147 MPH!!! The Sidewinder the best handling and the lowest fuel consumption. The Weasel is a tough competitor with vicious cornering ability and a speedy 0 to 60 time (4.3 seconds!). The Razor is loose around the comers and has a lower top speed and acceleration. If you can win with the Razor, you're truly the king of Top Gear. All cars are equipped with three Nitros per race. There's also a refueling pit on most tracks, lucky for the gas-guzzling Cannibal.

The Checkered Flag

Top Gear is one of the hottest racing games ever! The pace never slows and the tracks dish out enough variety to hold even the most die hard, speed king's interest. The computer opponents provide a solid challenge. The game even has some supercool background music. Gamesters, start your engines!

ProTip: Nitro is most effective when you're approaching a straightaway and the road ahead is clear of cars. If you bang into another vehicle when you're zooming, your momentum stops.

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Kemco's new road racing game for the SNES, Top Gear, is fast and furious. Compete in various countries around the world, while challenging the most grueling courses this side of Indy! Pick your car from a variety of design configurations. You can choose either an automatic or a manual transmission to further customize your car. Bump and gear-grind your way through hairpin turns while doing your best to avoid the other racers. Kick into nitro power for an incredible burst of speed that makes turbochargers a thing of the past! If you are ready for intense racing action, this cart is for you.

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