Top Gun

a game by Konami, and Spectrum Holobyte

Platforms: PlaystationNESNES

Genres: Flying, Simulation

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Top Gun

People say:


Wanna go to the danger zone? Yeah, I thought so. Top Gun has some nice graphics along with the dogfight action that some sims are known for. The soundtrack is pretty lame unfortunately. Too bad they couldn't get Kenny Loggins to do the original theme from the movie. The video sequences are nicely done with good actors and actresses which is always a plus. I like this one better than Air Combat because it has a better story line and much better control. It's more like really flying in combat. Not to say that I know what it's like, but I can imagine it'd be kind of like Top Gun. The ground targets are a nice addition.


With Top Gun, you get the same adrenaline-pumping music and cinemas (straight from the flick) that made the film such a testosterone movie classic. The game is nice in that it gives you complete freedom to move around the large levels. The enemies are a bit easy to shoot with the machine guns, making gun kills more frequent than normally seen in this type of game. There really isn't much here that we haven't seen before-just shoot all the bandits in your sights. I wish the developers would have added taking off and landing sequences. This would have added a little substance to an otherwise repetitive jet fighting game.


Fans of realistic flight sims won't find what they're looking for in Top Gun. You don't take off or land or worry about working dozens of controls in this game; you just blow stuff out of the skies over and over again while taking out the occasional ground target. But such simplicity isn't necessarily bad if you're looking for a decent arcade-style shooter, which Top Gun is. You get loads of missions to fly--although they're not very varied-and some nifty missiles. You ran save your missiles, though, since the bad guys are ridiculously easy to take out with your gun. The cinemas are cool, too, but don't expect to see Tom Cruise.


Fast and furious best describes the action experienced while in the cockpit. The game loses points in my book for the lack of realistic controls and more of an in-depth, in-the-cockpit feel, allowing you to take off and land. Sure, some gamers may just want the intense action of a title like this but I feel it ranks only fair at best. The graphics and the other visuals look great, but do little to hold up the merely average sound and the redundant missions. Don't get me wrong: I like fast, intense titles like this but I was expecting more depth. Not a bad title, but it definitely fails into the no-brainer category.

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If you want to know what it's like to be flying a multimillion dollar fighter, forget simulators. Instead, try out Top Gun: Fire at Will. No complex controls or textbook-sized manuals here. This game is pure arcade-style action as you take to the skies in your F-14.

Set over the backdrop of several hot spots around the world, you'll have to show the enemy pilots who's the best. Aerial dogfights are brought to life with a combination of heavy weaponry and maneuverability that allows you to fly in three-dimensional space. Pick and choose your armaments from a selection of nasty things that go boom. Top Gun: Fire at Will contains over 40 missions, so you can be sure that your joystick is going to be put to the test. Blast enemy MiGs over dense jungles or desolate deserts. Engage hostiles in treacherous canyons, where one false move can prove deadly.

  • MANUFACTURER - Spectrum Holobyte
  • THEME - Flight Simulator
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  • Manufacturer: Konami
  • Machine: Game Boy
  • Theme: Slim
  • Available: 1992
  • No. of Levels: 4+

Top Gun Guts and Glory brings top simulator action to the small screen! You can choose from four top fighters like the F-14, F-16, Mig-29 and the Stealth Fighter. Battle through four tough missions to reach the final stronghold. Choose from many powerful weapons to take on the attacking fighter squadrons!

After each mission you must land on an aircraft carrier to prepare for the next mission!

People say:


This type of game just shouldn't have been attempted. While the basics of the game's engine are impressive, overall this game just doesn't stack up. It tries to be something that is next to impossible to be due to the limitations of the hardware. If you're dying for a portable flight sim, however, go for it.


Wow, a flight simulator for the GameBoy! It sounds great on paper but doesn't quite measure up to expectations once you try it. This is mainly due to the limitations of the system rather than the inability of the cart to perform. Everything is there, but you really need a lot of imagination to picture yourself in an aircraft.


It is hard to believe that someone has actually brought a flight simulator onto the GameBoy, but leave it to the wizards at Konami to do the impossible! While the graphics and sounds are not great, this cart does have a good level of challenge and action. It is good for the GameBoy, but that doesn't say much.


Top Gun on GameBoy? Really? Well, I suppose that it had to happen. Actually, it is a decent game (expected of course, the graphics) with good action. The simulations are okay and don't deserve any awards but for on the go, it will do. Let's leave B&W for games that don't suffer from it, like Pong (I'm waiting for that too).

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Konami now brings us its famous simulator on the GameBoy. Top Gun: Guts and Glory, is the newest in a series of awesome titles. Following in the footsteps of its big brothers, Top Gun and Top Gun 2 on the NES, this brings the same game play to the small screen. Yet, this time, though, you can choose from four different fighters. The F-14 Tomcat, a Mig-29, a F-16 Falcon or the Stealth Fighter. Take on some of the toughest of the tough jet fighters. The action gets very intense; however, when you get to the real combat scenes. It is the same action you remember from the NES versions.

Battle your way through four dangerous missions until you reach the core of the enemy stronghold. Yet, you cannot expect to attack the enemy's headquarters without knowing how to fly your aircraft. So, go into the training mode and try the one-on-one combat and bombing runs. These will get your skills up to par, so you can take on some tougher enemies.

Another important factor contributing to your success is being able to land the fighter on an aircraft carrier. It takes a little practice, but for fans of the NES versions, it is worth it. Top Gun: Guts and Glory is on its way to a GameBoy near you!

reggie posted a review
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