a game by Telenet

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genre: Adventure/RPG


Begin the adventure of a lifetime as Roy, a young treasure seeker. Roy starts out in the mysterious Kingdom of Salon on a personal quest to become the greatest swordsman in the Realm. Clashing swords with bandits and monsters brings the hero fame and fortune.

As he makes new friends and gains experience as a swordsman, he uncovers a horrible plot! A group of wizards are determined to unleash chaps and destruction throughout the world. Only Roy and his team of adventurers have the magic and the might to stop the wicked sorcerers!

Travel through several Kingdoms filled with magical beasts and amazing challenges!

Use battle-earned gold and gems to up grade your weapons and fortify your armor!

Search for powerful magic spell to defeat the evil wizards! Only if he succeeds can Roy return to his home town of Johanna and reunite with his true love, Traysia!

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