Tuff E Nuff

a game by Jaleco

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Fighting Games

  • Fighting
  • 11 levels

Are you Tuff E Nuff for this hot new fighting cart from Jaleco for the Super NES? After THE final war on Earth, Jade the "Fighting King" has sent out a call to anyone who is brave enough to take him on in an all-out street fighting blow-out! Master your skills in the CPU mode, take on the "King" and his henchmen, or grab a friend for grueling two-player action. Watch your slaughter again in the Replay mode.

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Jaleco is getting better and better all the time! Following the surprise hit Brawl Brothers, here is another fighting game more in the vein of Street Fighter 2. The different options such as fighting a wide variety of opponents or one-on-one against a friend are welcome. A must-have for fighting fans of all ages!


With the slew of fighting games now coming out, Tuff E Nuff ranks pretty high in my book. The moves are nothing really spectacular but the feel of the game is good. The music in particular is decent but the sound effects seem muffled. It's another good fighting game that must join the growing ranks of this genre.


This is one of the better SF2 clones that I've seen. The graphics are excellent with plenty of animation. The game play is very good, and the response is near perfect. The cart offers a variety of modes of play and plenty of special moves. The major drawback is how easy it is to finish and the fact that there's only 4 characters.


R U Tuff E Nuff? Probably. While not the greatest challenge, Tuff E Nuff is a good game, but it needs more variety. You can effectively control three characters (two of the four are exactly the same), with a limited number of attacks. The action is slow, which makes me wonder why they put in a cool slow-motion replay feature.

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Tuff Enuff features some ferocious fighting action and great graphics. However, this one- or two-player side scroller may not have enough down- and-dirty combat to satisfy most street-wise gamers. Four Wrongs Don't Make a Fight It's the year 200- (so far into the future that they're using dashes for numbers), and the planet has been at peace for a long time. So long, in fact, that people have forgotten the art of fighting. Consequently, when a great war breaks out and destroys all law and order, survival of the fittest is no longer just a theory of evolution. A "Fighting Cod" is seizing control of the cities at an alarming rate. He rules from his Death Tower, an impenetrable fortress that can only be unlocked by any of four keys held by four soldiers (Kotono, Sho, Vortz, and Zazi).

  • Even when you block, an opposing player's projectile will drain health from your bar. If you're low on health, jump over the projectile. When you're ready to bust a few moves of your own against the Fighting Cod, you can go head-to-head against the CPU, bash biceps against a bud (who plays any of the four different fighters), or fight through a story line mode that features seven increasingly skilled fighters.
  • Don't waste your time using the leg sweep moves. It takes the characters too long to make the full sweep, which gives your opponent plenty of time to put his shoe through your face. Each of the four fighters has a variety of moves and special techniques, which they execute with deadly precision once you master the complicated controls. Besides a standard punch, kick, and jump- kick, you can try Sho's Blue Thunder Punch, Zazi's Dragon Blade, Kotono's Drawn Mist Sword Slash, or Vortz's Neck Hanging Bomber. You have the ability to combine moves (even in mid-air!) for thunderous fighting power.
  • Gajet is very vulnerable to projectile attacks. Don't get cocky, though, you're not fighting against the Glee Club. Your opponents have more moves than a high school senior. If you think you can easily get past Gajet's Frankensteiner, Dolfs Bazooka Shot, or Jade's Vertical Hunter, think again. BLack Eye Graphics The graphics in Tuff Enuff are pretty good, though not spectacular. The sprites are about Final Fight size, and there's some slowdown and minor sprite glitching as well. The game has great-looking, detailed backgrounds, including a missile silo, the forbidding entrance to the Tower, a martial arts temple, and more. A special VCR mode enables you to run forward and backward slow motion replays of the move that won you the fight.

The music isn't too bad, but it's nothing to call Billboard about. The sound effects are okay; although you can't understand what the characters are saying when they win.

If you come in with a punch, follow up with a kick, and vice versa. If you try to kick (or punch) twice in a row, your opponent will clobber you.

No Sweat

This game is a fun fighter sort of a Junior SF2. It's easy and extremely low key, after you figure out the wildly imaginative controls and large line-up of moves.

In the long line of Street Fighter clones, few make it to the top. Fewer still add to the legend, and there's no beat-em-up that surpasses it. The Tuff stay rough and the weak stay meek. Makes you wish the world stayed at peace, doesn't it?

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