Turok: Evolution

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Genre: Action

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Turok: Evolution takes the series back to its roots and tells the story of the Turok hero Tal'set, a Native American whose tribe is hunted by Captain Tobias Bruckner. As Captain Bruckner is bent on slaughtering Tal'set's tribe, he ambushes Tal'set, mortally wounded him in an attempted escape to Mexico. With the last of his strength, Tal'Set viscously attacked Captain Bruckner and the two fall into a cavern covered with strange markings. As the fight was about to continue, the cavern reacts to Tal'Set and a portal opens to the Lost Land swallowing both men.

Turok: Evolution is a first person shooter that gives the story of Tal'Set's first adventure in the Lost Land. Loaded with numerous weapons, flight sequences to add a different perspective, and interactive environments, this latest addition will keep most engaged for some time. In addition, a multiplayer option has been created as a separate function from the regular game and gives a number of ways to battle opponents through the Lost Lands.

Although one of the better first person shooters on the market for the Gamecube, it also has a few areas that could have been better. The controls, for instance, will take some time to get conformable with as a two-stick scheme is used for movement. After the first chapter however, most will have the kinks out and be taking out dinosaurs with ease. Another issue is the graphics. Often it seemed the lighting wasn't done right and the textures could have been better. It appears the X-Box port received the better end of the graphics but overall, the graphics are decent enough to not overly distract from the gameplay.

It was a toss up whether put Turok: Evolution as a 'Recommended Buy'? versus a 'Fans Only,'? but it came down to the game's short comings being just enough to cause some caution before buying. If you're a fan of the Turok series however, this will without a doubt be a purchase you'll want to make.

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If you are expecting a first person shooter for the Game Boy, you have picked the wrong game (might want to check out Doom). If you are looking for a Contra-style side-scrolling arcade game, then this game my friends, might just be for you.

Borrowing heavily from the 80's arcade style side-scrolling games that plagued arcades for years, Turok Evolution will be familiar territory for long time gamers. The first thing players will note is the relatively simple controls: jump, shoot, change weapons'it's the classic arcade setup that is best described as 'tried and true.'? Even still, I can't get over the fact that there wasn't anything that really jumped out at me as far as game controls went. Weapon selection was decent and even I found myself surprised at some of the bad guys that showed up to try and do me in. One nice surprise that I found was the solid, colorful graphics that the game contained. Sure, we're talking about a two and a half inch screen, but Turok Evolution, utilizes all the power of the Game Boy Advance.

Turok is a middle-of-the-road title as far as veteran gamers may be concerned, but if you haven't played many side scrollers then you might want to rent it first and then decide if it's worth purchasing.

reggie posted a review

Well I know that the best game to come out on the Xbox so far has been Halo. It is the game all other Xbox titles (and some other systems) are compared to. So it was with a bit of surprise that I found myself digging Turok in much the same way as HALO, and when I say that, I really mean it.

Turok: Evolution is a first person shooter that for the most part, will feel very familiar to HALO. The game has user-friendly controls that include auto aim and smooth HUD control. Several preset control configurations are available to the discriminating player. Sadly there was not an option that allowed you to configure the controls but the default setting worked just fine for me. Now, I know that many gamers out there have a hard time playing a FPS on a console system but I will stress that given a little practice, you too will be killing dinosaurs and lizard men (slegs) with relative ease.

Something that this game does have that HALO doesn't, is a heightened gore factor. From the head splitting intro to the final decapitation, the blood certainly does pour out of the bad guys. Which leads me to one of the game's best features: the weapons. These types of games need effective and exciting weapons in order to make hunting fun and Turok: Evolution does deliver. Sniper rifles, compound bows shooting explosive arrows, and an evil looking tomahawk, are just some of the tools you will use to dispatch justice in this violent world.

Another exciting facet of the game is the levels that require you to fly an armed pterodactyl. This reminded me of the old Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon, only with sharper, better graphics. It really gives the game that extra something, as the challenges you are required to complete are wicked fun.

On a parental note, there are options to remove the gore, but what fun is that?

This is currently my favorite Xbox title. If you enjoyed HALO then you would do well to purchase this game. It has the right mix of fun, excitement and innovation.

reggie posted a review
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