Twin Cobra

a game by Toaplan, and American Sammy

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisNESNES

Genres: Flying, Shooting Games

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  • Manufacturer: Sammy


  1. 10 scenic zones - fight over land and sea
  2. Faithfull arcade translation for NES
  3. 4 different types of ammo to choose from
  4. Bombs and superchargers increase cobra's firepower

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Number of Levels: 15 Theme: Shooter Difficulty: Average Number of Players: 1 Available: December, 89

Invade In Your Helicopter Gunship

One of the best arcade shooters of all time is Twin Cobra, a machine that perfectly balances power-ups, difficulty, and Bosses in a good-looking package loaded with targets and incentives.

The home version of this all-time favorite, while rough around the edges, includes most of the features that made the game such a mega-hit in the arcades. The most noticeable deletion from the NES Twin Cobra, however, is the two-player feature, instead we get Single Cobra that plays like Twin Cobra without the extra support.

You must fly over various landscapes and enemy installations, blowing away anything (from attacking helicopters to battleships) that moves.

Along the way, enemy transport helicopters will appear and release weapon and bomb enhancements as well as a power-up ball that cycles through different types of weapons. Grab the one that suits you and blow 'em away.

People say:


I'm a great fan of shooters and Twin Cobra is tops in the arcades! The NES version has retained most of the options found in the coin-op version, but some of the intensity and a lot of the graphics clarity is lost. Still, it's one of the better NES shoot-em-ups to come along in a while.


Twin Cobra is above average thanks to several options like selecting different weapons and powering them up to incredible heights. The backgrounds are well-detailed and colorful and the whole game is easy to play. Twin Cobra is better than most shooting games in this class.


The action in Twin-Cobra is pretty good - there's always something to shoot at and something shooting at you. The graphics aren't outstanding, however, and most of the backgrounds look as though they've been done in pastels. Not a fantastic game, but a good shoot-em-up.


One of the better overhead shooters on the Nintendo. Twin Cobra has plenty of power-ups and lots to shoot at. Highly recommended for fans of games with a lot of shoot, shoot, shoot! Others may find the theme repetitive, but I liked it.

reggie posted a review
  • Levels: 7
  • Theme: Shooter
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Average

It took the Genesis to do the hot arcade game justice! You must fly behind enemy lines to try to crush the enemy weaponry so that their plans of conquest are thwarted!

reggie posted a review

Take to the skies as you prepare to singlehandedly blow away the entire land, water and air based armies of an evil dictator who threatens to take over the world. The odds are thousands to one, but by being able to steal some of the enemy's weapons you just might have a chance! Each level puts you up against a different configuration of enemy forces but with your doomsday bomb you can do it!

People say:


This is one of my favorite arcade vertical shooters of all time and Sega has done a remarkable job of capturing the action. Everything is here, practically to the pixel, from the giant Bosses to the intense build-up of weapons. The graphics are edgy but the play is top-notch!


Yet another shooter from the masters at Sega. Twin Cobra is very good but it's more of the same only vertically scrolling this time. The two player option would have made it better but it was left out. No new ground broken here but it is a good shooter if you aren't tired of them yet.


A great shooter that's a classic favorite to me as well as most veteran gamers. Great graphics and sounds and superb game play make this one of the best shooters around. Definitely not for wimpy shooter fans.


Twin Cobra is a fun shooter with lots of power-ups to satisfy the shooter fan. Listen to some cranking tunes and blast your way through the enemy tanks! This game is a lot of fun to play, but it would have been nice if they kept two-player option in the game, like the arcade.

reggie posted a review
  • Number of Levels: 15
  • Theme: Shooter
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: December 1989


An all-time arcade favorite comes home courtesy of American Sammy. Twin Cobra, labeled by many coin-op players as one of the most intense shooters of all time, has captured most of the good looks of the original in the NES version, as well as the pulse-pounding feeling of all-out war generated over a dozen waves of non-stop action and mega-weapon exchanges!

The basic theme of the game (shoot everything in sight, pick up bonus stars, and collect weapon power-ups to enhance your firepower to staggering proportions) remains intact, along with the different options available to build the abilities of your Twin Cobra attack chopper. A diversified cast of enemy war machines, ranging from tanks and transports to helicopters and battleships, helps turn up the heat, and all-new features, like the special invincibility stars, add even more to a shoot-em-up that has it all!

There are six different power-up items that can be collected in Twin Cobra as well as two different types of Power Stars. In addition to the weapon enhancement (which can be upgraded a maximum of five times) and extra bombs that are left by downed transports, you can change your weaponry into any one of the four types of firepower shown to the left.

  • Red - Rockets
  • Yellow - Pulse
  • Green - Rapid
  • Blue - Spread
reggie posted a review

Twin Cobra is an outstanding translation of the coin-op mega-hit that represents American Sammy's first strong entry into the Nintendo Entertainment System sweepstakes. Twin Cobra is more than just another action game, it was the arcade title voted "The Best Shooter of 1988" by the U.S. National Video Game Team! High honors for a game that is destined for the video game Hall-of-Fame!

The premise is simple and straightforward: guide an attack chopper into enemy territory and lay waste to everything in sight! But what may first seem like nothing more than another run-of-the-mill shoot-em-up quickly becomes an intense battle involving a wide array of power-up enhancements, bonus points incentives, and high-tech hardware mean enough to blow similar types of game out of the sky!

One of the best features in Twin Cobra are the different weapons that can be collected. Occasionally an enemy transport helicopter will appear on the scene to release a special capsule when destroyed. This capsule will slowly shift through four different colors, with each new color representing a different kind of weapon for your attack copter! You can choose between missiles, wide beam, side beam, and machine gun! Different areas require different weapons and learning the best power-ups to use is just part of the challenge in the game! You can also improve your existing armament by capturing the enhancement symbols that are also released whenever an enemy transport is gunned down!

Also at your command are special "Bombs" that both protect and destroy. Whenever one of these super-weapons is released, a tremendous explosion appears around the blast radius, inflicting incredible damage on the enemy and eliminating any of the missiles that may be heading your Way. You must be careful, however, since you are only given a limited number of bombs per chopper.

Supporting this hard-hitting game play are some of the best arcade-quality graphics ever seen in a Nintendo game! The vertically scrolling playfield floats by smoothly, introducing new and more deadly terrors as you infiltrate the enemy territory. All of the game characters are rendered in an equally outstanding fashion, with an abundance of graphic flair and realistic, arcade-quality, animation.

  • Take on the Boss tank on level one!
  • Grab the Power-Ups to energize your chopper and increase your weapons!
  • Uncover the golden stars - these turn into big points if you get to your ship.

Twin Cobra is a dynamite game that is certain to rip up the American charts in the same way that it is currently commanding a high profile in the Japanese game rankings. A perfect blend of high action shooting, risk-incentives, secret bonuses, and spectacular graphics practically guarantee this title a place in our Top Ten. Keep your eyes tuned for more info on this hot game, as well as maps and layouts that show all of the firepower that this title is packed with! TC is a hit!

reggie posted a review
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