Urban Champion

a game by Nintendo

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Fighting Games

See also: Urban Games

Published and developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd., this fighting video game for one or two players was released in 1984.

What is the game about? One day, the two rival game characters having met up on the city streets, arrange a fight. The game’s goal is to knock the opponent player into a sewer manhole. They both start in the middle with two blocks on each side of them leading to an open manhole. They are only allowed to punch, and there are two types of them: a light punch and a heavy punch. The light punch doesn't push your opponent that far, but is harder to block. The heavy punch sends the rival rolling backwards, but is easy to be blocked. Also, each player has got a set limit of stamina both represented by numbers. For every punch the player throws, he/she loses 1 stamina. What is more, flowerpots are occasionally dropped out of the windows. If any hits a person, they will be dazed and will lose 5 staminas. Also, every 30 seconds a police car drives by the fighting place, making the players return to their starting positions.

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