V-Rally 3

a game by Velez & Dubail

Platforms: XBoxGBA

Genre: Racing

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It can be safely assumed that any racing title from a respected publisher will contain a certain basic set of features. You should be able to find, in a rallisport title such as this one, gameplay that is based around skidding around corners. On top of that, it should have real car damage. Additionally, you should get realistic, usually high quality graphics. While V-Rally 3 does indeed include all of these features, it doesn't provide any of them at great quality, and also skimps on some of the most important little extras for a rallisport title.

The controls in V-Rally 3 are frustrating, having less to do with real world physics and more to do with turning my childhood RC racer into a full blown rally car. It is not only difficult to adjust to the proper handling required to skid around each corner, but also, none of the cars seem to have anything in common with one another's handling, leaving you to stick it out with the car you've had the most time on.

Little gaps occasionally show through on the graphics inV-Rally 3, with a few poor terrain textures and other little bugs. You can't deviate from the course normally without getting reset to the track, but you can still slip behind certain areas and see some textures up close, like the back of the pedestrian stands, which obviously weren't meant to be seen up close. In terms of audio, my biggest complaint is that the navigator speech references the turns in terms of a numbered intensity, instead of something simple and easy to understand, like easy or hard turns.

After playing for a great deal of time, I've got to say that this is one of the rally games I haven't enjoyed much lately. I wouldn't suggest it.

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