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Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Flying, Shooting Games


Fly through the fortresses of space and defeat the enemy motherships. Pick up extra firepower along the way that will assist in your desperate mission. Three-quarter view, diagonal scrolling, space shooter, 2 player simultaneous action.

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  • Shooter
  • 2 players
  • 6 stages
  • Angled-overhead view
  • Diagonal scrolling

Looking for a fast-n-frenzied space shooter? Keep looking, rocket jockeys. Disappointing game play detonates Viewpoint on the launching pad.

Shoot Shock

After winning over gamers on the NeoGeo, Viewpoint might've been a sure-fire shooter for the Genesis, especially since American Sammy retained many of the features that made the original stand-up game so good. You fly a single jet into six fanciful alien worlds against all kinds of slithering, flying, and spinning enemies. The giant gears, ratcheted fences, and leaping worms will bring a nostalgic smile to Viewpoint fans. As before Viewpoint uses the unique 3/4-overhead perspective that sends you flying diagonally upwards across the screen.


  • Enemy shots and new attackers converge around the power-ups, so don't take a straight route toward them.
  • Don't waste your power-ups on these Stage 1 gears. They're easy to dodge, and you have faster enemies to worry about.

But the Genesis game introduces something that wasn't on the NeoGeo: severe slowness. Not just slowdown, as when too many enemies bring you to a crawl, but overall slowness -- as in your fighter plodding along at a snail's pace through the whole game.

The frequent slowdown that comes with excessive onscreen enemies also wrecks your controls. Suddenly, your jet won't maneuver the way it used to. The shame is that the controls have potential: You accurately fire a standard shot that can be charged up (a la Super R-Type), plus you gather weapons and shields from defeated enemies. But all that firepower is wasted when your fighter slows down like a truck on a steep incline.

Viewpoint View

Slowdown aside, the graphics are the game's best feature. The angular view is intriguing, the enemies are as strange as you could want (ready for armored dolphins?), and the stages have diverse settings. Still, the enemies sometimes move stiffly, and the explosions aren't very impressive. A little introductory or between-stage footage also would've helped.

  • This Stage 2 fish coughs up small explosive eggs that detonate after a few seconds. Swerve past them and concentrate your firepower on the fish.
  • After this Stage 1 boss blows red torpedoes past you, be ready for his headlong charge. Swerve and use your special weapons on him.
  • Watch the blocks as you weave through this grid -- the blocks about to raise up will flash for an instant.

The Sounds don't fly. Shots and explosions are muffled, and the music (especially Stage 2's lounge theme) doesn't belong in a space-combat setting.

If you stick with it, Viewpoint does offer a strong challenge -- it'll take a while to beat it. The bigger challenge, though, is overlooking the pokey pace and trying to stay interested.

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