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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

Controlling the most powerful tank in the solar system, you must infiltrate an alien space station to eliminate their leader. One or two players can play simultaneously in this great conversion of the Atari coin-op hit.

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Invade your sister worlds and blow their armies away in this home version of the Atari arcade classic. An update to the legendary classic, Tank, Vindicators puts you in control of a mechanized war machine capable of blowing away the best defenses in the galaxy. Special power-ups and shops let you adapt your tank to the opposing forces. Take on the universe in Vindicators!

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This video game of a shooter genre was developed by Atari and published in 1988 by Tengen. The player takes control the tank, trying to destroy all the other tanks, turrets and saucers, along the way collecting stars, fuel and bonuses. You can exit the level if you find the key, which can unlock the doors. To customize your tank with power, speed, smart shots, shields and bombs you will have to use the collected stars.

When you start your game, by means of 1P/2P buttons you are allowed to rotate through any special weapons you might have. You must destroy a giant monster with many eyes, at the end of the 15th level.

reggie posted a review
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