War 3010: The Revolution

a game by Advanced Productions

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Strategy/War

Second-rate graphics and sounds may make War 3010: The Revolution seem hokey compared to other battle sims, but this game is really complex. You must command a spaceship fleet, take over the enemy's craft, and build space stations.

While your mind's challenged, your eyes will tire from the nondescript starfield. Even the ship-to-ship battles are static and dull. Cheesy sounds and bland music also stymie this game. Add in the endless menus (with no explanations to most icons, so you must read the manual), and you'll find yourself wishing the Revolution would end.


  • Move your attackers to the enemy's rear to engage it from behind and to close escape routes.
  • Watch your enemy's shield levels. If the hit you deal is less powerful than the hit you take, fly to the nearest repair pod.

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