War Gods

a game by Eurocom

Platforms: PCNintendo 64Nintendo 64

Genre: Action

Let's be honest here. War Gods was an arcade flop. Few gamers played it (thanks to its limited distribution), and even fewer liked it (thanks to its less-than-spectacular gameplay). And this cold reaction was a surprise considering the hype surrounding the game, not to mention that Midway is famous for producing arcade gold, not garbage.

But to Midway's credit, they're trying to set things right with the home versions of their first 3-D fighter. For starters. War Gods is now 20 percent faster, not just in animation but in control response. New moves have been added, too. including combo breakers, a few counters and Wake-up moves (which are activated by holding Forward. A and B as soon as your warrior is knocked to the ground).

While both the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation versions benefit from these improvements, only the N64 game boasts the supercharged, antialiased visuals we've come to expect from the system. Projectile attacks-although they're still 2-D-looking bitmaps-no longer look as pixelated as they did in the arcade and PlayStation versions. And the arenas look especially spectacular. Hie war gods themselves appear fairly faithful to the arcade original's motion-captured combatants, except for the occasional few frames of choppy animation (noticeable when one warrior throws another).

Since War Gods' debut in the arcades was preceded by a tidal wave of hype, most gamers are already familiar with its workings. Yes. the game is 3-D. but it plays like no other 3-D fighter out there. Instead, it adheres to the old-school fighting-game rules written by Ed Boon and John Tobias with their Mortal Kombat bloodfests (but then what would you expect of the first non-MK fighter from Midway?). War Gods' 10 warriors can perform uppercuts, just like in the MK games. They rely on a Block button, just like in the MK games. Their special moves are of the Backward. Forward. High Punch. Low Punch variety, just like in the MK games. They gush blood when injured and can perform over-the-top fatalities, just like in... are we beginning to see the pattern here? The war gods can also perform combos, this time scoring up to 10 hits instead of the paltry eight or so maximum of the MK titles.

But that's not to say War Gods is without 3-D gameplay elements. Why. it even has a "3-D button" that lets you sidestep attacks and maneuver freely around the arenas. Hold this button while blocking and you can perform a leaping, sidestepping dodge. But are these features cool or just gimmicky? Check the Review Crew section for a critical look.

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It's brief spell in the arcades really didn't do War Gods a great deal of good, as people realised fairly smartish that it couldn't compete with either Sony's or Sega's slicker competitors.

Thus, a console version of the game was hardly likely to top Most Wanted lists across the Nintendo-following world. And yet, despite the fact that it's plainly not going to set the world -- or the fighting scene -- on fire, War Gods on the N64 may go some way to corking the oft-heard calls for a 3D, 64-bit beat-'em up.

Story-wise War Gods is about as convincing as Neighbours, with an intergalactic traveller crash landing on Earth, spilling his precious ore all over the shop and transforming a selection of humans into War Gods -- extraordinary beings with special powers. All of whom, it would seem, fancy their chances in a scrap, leading to a contest... to... see... who's... the... best... or... something. Yawn.

The game features 10 characters, as well as a Mortal-Kombat-esque button configuration and special moves set-up. Indeed, fans of Williams' aforementioned series will rejoice at the obvious and numerous similarities between this and MK, while normal people -most of whom will have been thoroughly annoyed with the blatant lack of effort put into Trilogy -- possibly won't. Still, the visuals are lushly created with much work put into making the sprites move as realistically as possible.

Not likely to have you scuttling down to your local EB, then, but probably enough to raise a smile. We shall, as they say, see.

reggie posted a review

The upcoming arcade fighter War Gods is also coming to the Nintendo 64. This 3-D fighting game combines aspects of Toshinden and Mortal Kombat, mixing the two and coming up with a healthy fighting title chock-full of moves, combos and death. Like many fighters, there are standard moves such as fireballs and throws, as well as some special moves to be announced.

The fighters are almighty War Gods who draw their powers from precious ores. The characters and backgrounds are in the style of rendered polygons and use a new digital-skin texture process to elevate the game's realism above that of past 3-D fighters.

  • MANUFACTURER - Williams
  • THEME - Fighting
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2
reggie posted a review

People say:


In a time when Mortal Kombat 4 is the talk of the town, it's fairly ironic that a game like War Gods should show its face on the console market. Avid MK players will be able to jump right in and kick some tail, but they may have a little adjusting to do with the awkward 3-D button. Still. War Gods is what many, including myself, consider to be the prototype for a polygonal Mortal Kombat. It plays the same and has the same elements, like fatalities, creepy announcers. and of course, blood everywhere. In short War Gods is horribly unoriginal. The frame rate is very choppy, say 15 fps at times, which doesn't say much for the N64's abilities. True, the arcade game wasn't much better at this, but I expected the translation to be cleaner. The selection of characters is pretty meager as well. I like the way the new 3-D perspective was handled. however, and the special 3-D attacks are very effective...almost too effective. I quickly was able to use the 3-D button, especially since I treated it like the Run button of MK3. The fatalities are by far the best part of War Gods, being more imaginative than MK's. much to my surprise. While not a blockbuster title, all MK fans will want this addition to their N64 library, but most other gamers shouldn't spend their hard-earned money on it. I'd rather wait for Mortal Kombat 4.


Here's a good example of a game that doesn't get any better because of improved graphics. The PlayStation version didn't play well and guess what? This version doosn't either. It just doesn't feel right Part of it is the control and the other part are the moves-they're inventive and all. but often they're just too cheesy. I guess I like more realistic titles.


You say you can't wait for a 3-D Mortal Kombat game? Well hero it is. War Gods' fighting style (outside of being 3-D) is extremely similar to MK's (same buttons, same sweeps and uppercuts. etc.). It doesn't have quite the same catchy appeal as MK. and it only features 10 characters. Not a bad game (MК fans should check it out), but you can find better.


War Gods may have been a dud in the arcades, but Midway made a few improvements to the home version of their first 3-D fighter. It now plays a little faster, and a few new moves have been added to each god's MK-inspired arsenal attacks. Nevertheless. War Gods is an average fighter. Its fatalities will entertain you for a while, even if its gameplay vvon't.

reggie posted a review

This is a funny game. Pity it's not meant to be. A beat-'em-up with the most ludicrous characters imaginable, and no gameplay.

reggie posted a review


War Gods lays out the story as such: Billions of years ago a being was transporting some "life-giving" ore, but unknown to this entity, our solar system was forming, which caused his ship to crash, scattering ore over all the Earth. Ten humans came into contact with this powerful substance, which transformed them into the War Gods. This is the opening premise of War Gods by Midway Home Entertainment, and although the story is less than feasible (and seems to be written as an afterthought) the game is what it looks like on the back of the box—a true 3D fighting title, with lots of moves, plus fatalities and blood if you have a strong stomach for it.

There are ten characters in War Gods: Ahua Kin, an evil Aztec priest; Anubis, the canine-headed Egyptian god; Cy-5, a cyborg; Kabuki Jo, a medieval samurai; Maximus, a gladiator; Pagan, an evil sorceress; Tak, a golem; Voodoo, an evil witch doctor; Vallah, a Viking goddess; and Warhead, a super soldier. The ore has given them amazing powers that can be utilized in combat.

War Gods is of course similar to the Mortal Kombat series of games in look and feel, with a 3D camera thrown in to get different points of view on the action. While some of the characters such as Anubis (the Egyptian God) are visually stunning, some such as Warhead are cheap knock-offs of characters from other games. The women in War Gods seem to have the power of the universe at their finger tips, but can't seem to find decent apparel. That aside however, their movement is fluid in play, and a desirable addition to War Gods.

Gameplay & Interface

Gameplay, while not awe-inspiring, is a very interesting jaunt into the world of punching, kicking and killing. Special "end" moves called fatalities (which can be turned off if you have young children) are available at a certain points in the game. When the proper key sequence is pressed, an animation such as someone getting electrocuted occurs. Each character has a special fatality that he or she can use to dramatically finish an opponent. As with other games of this type, the simple combination of left-down-forward, etc., will do a special move. All characters have a myriad of special moves. War Gods is typical in the way moves are performed, which makes it very easy to pick up on a killer projectile or holding move.

Camera angles have become a popular feature of fighting games, and War Gods makes good use of them. When the action gets heavy the camera angle changes, zooms in, and adjusts up and down to give the player the best view. When this effect is done wrong it can really make a game look bad. War Gods, however, pulls off this technique very well.


Player models are polygon based (3D), making them look more realistic, and some of the characters' movements (though not all) look very smooth. The back drops are adequate enough, and provide some decent scenes to look at while you are pummeling or getting pummeled. Player, arena, textures, and backdrops can be turned off to speed up the game, and support for 3D accelerator cards is available via a check box option. Though the game won't look as sharp with these functions turned off, it will go a lot faster, and is handy for when your graphics card doesn't want to cooperate with DirectX.


The sound is tolerable in War Gods. One of the things that bugs me about the sound in most fighting games are the things that the characters say before and after a match. Some of them say some pretty useless stuff, that when heard over and over again, would make one want to smash their speakers. If you like post-match commentary, it is certainly not totally overbearing. The music in War Gods is average as well. I say this because I cannot remember it, even though I have been playing the game for a few weeks now. Luckily, if the sounds become agitating, you can simply turn them off. While the game's music and sound effects are not bad overall, there are a few minor irritations.

System Requirements

The requirements for War Gods are not too steep compared to most games on the market these days: Pentium 60, Windows 95 or NT 4.0, 12 MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM drive, Direct Sound compatible sound card, DirectX compatible bus, SVGA graphics card.

Recommended: SoundBlaster or compatible sound card, 16 MB RAM, 2 MB RAM on video card, Pentium 120, game pad (4-6 buttons). War Gods will also support Direct 3D, though it is not required.

By today's standards, most anyone can play this game, except those that still own really old machines.

Documentation & Controls

Once you get past the story part of the manual, you will find that it is accurate and concise, with detailed instructions on the most common problems. Since War Gods uses DirectX 3.a, it sets up most things fairly easily. If you do not have DirectX 3.a, it is provided during installation.

What really struck me though, was how easily I could configure this game. Since War Gods uses The Direct Input API, it automatically detects input devices such as game pads, and selects them. If you prefer using a keyboard, there is an easy to understand setup dialog for them. There is also a good section on some of the most common problems that occur while setting up and playing War Gods, such as the game not running, audio and video troubles, no response from keyboard, etc. and how to resolve them.

Bottom Line

After a lengthy study of this title, I must admit that it grew on me as I continued to play it. If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat, you will be pleased with this title, and it is definitely the fastest fighting game I have played on a PC. Not having multiplayer support or modem play is a big drawback, though. Overall, War Gods is a good title worth buying if you are a die-hard fight fan, and rates a 76 out of 100 overall.

reggie posted a review
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