War Gods

It's brief spell in the arcades really didn't do War Gods a great deal of good, as people realised fairly smartish that it couldn't compete with either Sony's or Sega's slicker competitors.

Thus, a console version of the game was hardly likely to top Most Wanted lists across the Nintendo-following world. And yet, despite the fact that it's plainly not going to set the world -- or the fighting scene -- on fire, War Gods on the N64 may go some way to corking the oft-heard calls for a 3D, 64-bit beat-'em up.

Story-wise War Gods is about as convincing as Neighbours, with an intergalactic traveller crash landing on Earth, spilling his precious ore all over the shop and transforming a selection of humans into War Gods -- extraordinary beings with special powers. All of whom, it would seem, fancy their chances in a scrap, leading to a contest... to... see... who's... the... best... or... something. Yawn.

The game features 10 characters, as well as a Mortal-Kombat-esque button configuration and special moves set-up. Indeed, fans of Williams' aforementioned series will rejoice at the obvious and numerous similarities between this and MK, while normal people -most of whom will have been thoroughly annoyed with the blatant lack of effort put into Trilogy -- possibly won't. Still, the visuals are lushly created with much work put into making the sprites move as realistically as possible.

Not likely to have you scuttling down to your local EB, then, but probably enough to raise a smile. We shall, as they say, see.

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This is a funny game. Pity it's not meant to be. A beat-'em-up with the most ludicrous characters imaginable, and no gameplay.

reggie posted a review
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