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Wild Woody, eh? Aside from the school kids having a heyday with that on the playground. Wild Woody offers some nifty ideas to spice up what would be just a typical action game. The ability to draw up items needed to get through levels is a nice idea, but rubbing your butt-mounted eraser on enemies takes some serious patience and coordination. The levels are very storybook-like, which should appeal to the younger audience that this game is geared toward.


Wild Woody! Name's a little risque, wouldn't you say? Anyway, the game itself is pretty cool. I like the rendered CG cinemas, but the poor, dithered graphics don't do it justice. On the flip side, the game's graphics don't match the work put into the cinemas. The play control is okay but needs refinement especially when rubbing out the enemies. The story is interesting, I like it even though more could have been done with the game in general.


Wild Woody is your standard side-scrolling, cute-character game. It adds nothing new to the genre. The control of Woody is a little loose, and rubbing out (strange but cool) enemies can get a little tough. The obstacles are spaced a little strangely, so you almost always get hit. The graphics are simple but adequate. I like being able to draw up items. The audio is decent, but that is to be expected. Overall. Wild Woody is more of the same. I didn't care for it.


The best part ot this game has to be its outlandish title. The game itself is kind of bland and the rubbing and sketching techniques leave me blank. The graphics are nothing special and the full-motion video is just bad. One redeeming quality was the original and strange soundtrack, but it can't save the game from instant hits and lack of depth. As a side-scroller, it has an original concept, but it is just plain frustrating and not worth the time in my book.

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