Winter Olympics '94

a game by Tiertex

Platforms: Sega Master SystemSega Master SystemGameGear

Genre: Sports

What went wrong in Winter Olympic Gaines for the Genesis is even worse on the Game Gear. Instead of hot action, this game leaves you as cold as ice.

You still get ten winter events set on the slopes of Lillehammer, and there's still some official Olympic hoopla that's supposed to liven things up. However, the deadly slow game play, especially in the repetitive skiing events, will make you want to do something more exciting, like watching snow fall Only the Short Track Speed Skating generates any speed and thrills.

The graphics and sounds are merely average at best, which is faint praise for a game that gives you little to do and little to think about.


  • In any of the ski events, the blue tracks in the snow signal upcoming turns.
  • When shooting in the Biathlon, try aiming high and letting your sight drift down across the target.

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