Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

a game by Ascii

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Adventure/RPG

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This single-player game was developed and published by Sir-tech Software, released in 1981. The first Wizardry game, that was also one of the original Dungeons&Dragons-style role-playing games. It also stands along with Ultima and Might & Magic as defining staples of this genre. The player generates and controls a group of about six unlike adventurers, and sends them into a 3D vector dungeon to fight with monsters and get treasure.

The story takes place in the domain of Trebor, the Mad Overlord. This Trebor was once the only power-mad. But was beside himself with rage after he acquired a magical amulet of immense power, which was stolen from him by his the evil arch mage Werdna. Werdna, not really sure about the way he can use the amulet, by mistake causes an earthquake, which makes dungeon go ten-level down Trebor's castle. Not to look like a fool, Werdna declares that dungeon is the new lair for him and his monster hordes.

You may find out more details choosing the game to play. The main goal is to descend to the tenth level of the labyrinth, overpower Werdna, and get back the fabled amulet.

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The popular computer adventure comes to the Nintendo courtesy of Nexoft. Unlike other RPG/adventures that rely on a set beginning and end, Wizardry changes as different variables in the game are addressed, making no games alike. Be prepared for a large quest!

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