Wizards & Warriors

a game by Acclaim

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Platformer

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It was developed by Rare Ltd. and published by Acclaim (North America, Europe). In 1987 it was released in North America and in 1990 - in Europe. This is a single-player game of a platform genre. A Japanese release by Jaleco came in 1988.

This games hero Kuros, a powerful knight who has entered the woods of Elrond. He has to battle his way through 8 ares of this kingdom in order to save the young and beautiful kingdom's princess. The powerful and very cruel wizard Malkil had kidnapped her. He has imprisoned her in his castle IronSpire. Legend says that he had gone absolutely mad over his years and turned his great magic to the dark side.

It is in Kuros' power to save the princess once and forever.

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  • Manufacturer: Acclaim
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment System

Once again, a princess has been kidnapped and locked inside a mighty castle by an evil wizard. And again, you, as the brave knight, must battle untold horrors to rescue her. Though the story line is old and tired, the game is certainly not. Wizards & Warriors combines arcade action, sharp graphics, problem solving and a bit of luck to produce an adventure that will keep you occupied for many, many hours.

You, as Kuros, start the adventure in a forest, armed with courage and a big sword as the only tools with which to defeat your enemies. And enemies there are - enough to fill whole pages of the instruction booklet with their names - such as bothersome flies and spiders. The big, circling eagles are potent, and their fireball-spitting cousins are more dangerous still. You'll also face snakes, werewolves, skeletons and a particularly nasty rock pillar beast. If any enemy touches you, your life force is diminished; when it is gone, you lose one of Kuros' three lives. The life force can be replenished by picking up various artifacts or food, which is always a good idea.

Not all the creatures you will encounter can be defeated with your sword, but other weapons are available if you know how to find them. The throwing dagger is handy, and the Wand of Wonder's ice rays or the Staff of Power's fireballs make quick work of almost anything you meet. The Exploding Egg, which destroys everything on the screen, is a good weapon for those tight spots. The Cloak of Darkness (enemies can't find you) and shields can also aid Kuros in evading enemies.

Many things are to be found in Wizards & Warriors, and much of the game's challenge comes from figuring out how to make use of the items to further your cause: Gems can be used to bribe the level guardians; keys open doors and treasure chests; and potions and certain artifacts give you extra powers, some of which can be tremendously helpful. In fact, there are places where you cannot escape unless you are endowed with a particular ability. Some of the objects you pick up replace items you may already be carrying; so some discretion is needed to decide what items you should sling into your backpack.

The biggest challenge is figuring out how to get around the world of Elrond and to the castle IronSpire. As mentioned, the game starts in a forest, but there are whole worlds hidden away from view that you must negotiate to find all the required items. Some parts of the screens you do see can only be reached via hidden rooms, some carefully timed jumping or the right potion. Even after you figure out how to get out of the forest (the instruction booklet is purposely vague on the details), you must still traverse the ice caves, lava caves, another forest and the castle itself - a series of mazes of no small proportions. Keep in mind that the rewards are great for this journey: besides the princess, the evil wizard has locked up other kidnapped maidens, each worth a king's ransom in points!

Wizards & Warriors is a tremendously challenging game, requiring hair-trigger timing, patience and devious thought processes to unravel the built-in puzzles. The game is enhanced by the fact that if you lose your last life, you can pick up exactly where the last game ended, though minus your previous score. The excellent graphics and sound also contribute to an enjoyable gaming experience.

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The Journey of Kuros Continues... You are Kuros, the knight warrior. The key to your quest is buried within the catacombs of Elrond. But the wizard is watching you, warrior, and this tale has just begun.

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