Wonderboy 5

a game by Westone

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSega Master SystemSega Master System

Genres: Action, Educational/Kids, Platformer

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Courtesy of Sega, Shion (a.k.a. Wonder Boy) has journeyed into the Genesis from the Master System.

This time, Shion is the only one that can save the once peaceful Monster World from evil, lurking monsters. This massive side-view, horizontally scrolling creature feature is a fun epic-length, action/adventure game with a role-play twist.

ProTip: Use the Ocarina to open the doors in the cave. Stand over the red notes and play BABABCB to open the first door, ABCBCAB to open the second door, and ACCABAB to open the third.

This game's a continuous trek that's long and adventure-filled (no levels). Starting out with only a Gradius sword and three lives, Shion braves otherworldly dangers in castles, deserts, towns, and even underwater. Don't worry, he'll pick up other weapons, magic, lives and goods on the way. Save his journey by resting at the Inn. The Boss monsters are extremely tough to beat. But the bigger they are, the more gold, lives, and magic Wonder Boy collects when he beats them. He'll also find gold and extra lives in the most unusual places.

Be sure to buy EVERYTHING. Wonder Boy will need it later. If he doesn't have enough money, go kill a few monsters until he has the gold.

Wonder Boy in Monster World is a winner for any system. The graphics are colorful and cute. The music is pleasant and calming. Make sure you have a couple hours, if not days, to spend travelling with Wonder Boy in Monster World. You'll have a monstrously good time.

The only way to beat the Ice Bomber is to run along the top ledge and hit him in the head.

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Sega Genesis Wonderboy 5 download
  • Manufacturer: Mega Drive
  • Machine: Sega of Japan

Great games never die, they make sequels. Wonderboy IV is the colorful return of one of Sega's more popular characters. The mostly side-scrolling action is enhanced over the previous Wonderboy games in almost every way. The playability has been tweaked to near perfection, and the animation is smooth as silk. If you like games similar to Mario, the latest Wonderboy will suit you fine.

reggie posted a review

Master System owners know Wonder Boy well. He starred in three different adventures for Sega' 8-Bit system. What's next? Well, Wonder Boy makes his 16-bit debut in Wonder Boy in Monster World. In this action/adventure title he joins up with a magical companion to battle hordes of creepy creatures. To survive Wonder Boy must gather special items, use magic, and his best fighting skills and smarts to rid the planet of his powerful foes.

reggie posted a review

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