World Championship Soccer 2

World Championship Soccer 2

World Championship Soccer II adds some good features to an already-strong soccer video game. Despite its fun, quickly moving game play, it's still not great enough to rank as champion.

High Scores

Sega Sports has added some new options to its sequel to WCS, the best of which are the new World Cup pairings. Sixteen teams qualify for the '94 World Cup and meet up in Tournament or Exhibition play. You also get eight additional teams from the '86 and '90 Cup, all with speed, offense, and defense rankings based on real- life performances. Other additions include more formations and strategy options, as well as four-player play.


  • To score on a corner kick, hit Button C to drill the ball across the net toward a teammate.
  • An alternative corner kick uses Button A, which is a softer pass toward a teammate.
  • When dribbling down to the goal, fake a move to one side so the goalie comes toward you, then kick to the other side.

This game has fantastic controls. Not only do the players respond almost immediately to your commands, but you can control the flight of the ball during shots on goal and passes to teammates. Like most multiplayer sports games, however, coordinating the different players during group play is difficult.

Good Show

The graphics barely improve on the original. The players are larger and a little more detailed, but they all still look almost identical.

The sound is slightly above average. World Championship Soccer 2 gets high marks for crowd reactions on diving saves, but the soundtrack should be removed from the field. Still, it's fun to play, and though not among the elite soccer games in terms of graphics and sounds, WCS II is solid.

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