World Championship Soccer

What's the most popular sport in the world today? Well, it isn't baseball, basketball, football, or even hockey. It's soccer! There aren't too many video game soccer titles available yet-but World Championship Soccer is one of the best. It's as fast-paced and exciting as the real thing.

World Cup Action

World Championship Soccer puts you right in the middle of World Cup soccer action against 24 teams from around the world. Each game lasts about 15 minutes, so a full tournament takes about an hour and a half. There's no password mode, so you've got to play the entire tournament in one sitting. No problem! The thrill of winning the World Cup is well worth the time. There's also a two-player option so you can go head-to-head with a friend to see who takes home the Cup.

Pick Your Теam

Each team is rated from one to five in four skill categories, with five representing the best. The categories are: speed, kicking strength, tackling ability, and accuracy. Every player is rated in the same four categories, but each player's scores are based on a comparison with his teammates.

ProTip: Remember that a player with a "5" in speed playing on a "2" team is not going to be as quick as a player with the same speed rating on a better team!

Teams are grouped in zones, with four teams playing in each zone. You go up against every team in your zone once, and then the top two teams advance to the final tournament.


When the action begins, you view the field from above. A small radar screen in the upper right corner shows you how close you are to the opposing goal and where other players are on the field.

You'll probably find the radar screen doesn't help you much. The action in this game is so last paced that if you take your eyes on the main screen for even a second, you'll give up a score.

Dribble downfield, pass to teammates, take a penalty shot, or block a shot at your goal! Great graphics and sound lend this soccer standout its final touches. Lead your team to the World Cup title right from the comfort of your living room couch! Whether you're a soccer buff or just a sports fan looking for a fast-paced game, you'll get a kick out of World Championship Soccer.

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World Championship Soccer Downloads

Sega Genesis World Championship Soccer download
  • Machine: Genesis
  • Manufacturer: Sega of America.

Now that the World Cup has come to the U.S., younger gamers might find this cart to be the perfect tool for vicarious participation in the world's most popular sport. Experienced gamers find it a bit boring, however.

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Sony Imagesoft
  • Machine: Genesis

The action is fast-paced and moves smoothly around the field. Skills such as passing and shooting require only the touch of a button, but they can be made more difficult by increasing the skill level.

reggie posted a review
  • Theme: Sports
  • Players: 1-2
  • Difficulty: Average

The only soccer simulation for the Sega super system offers a vast amount of play control, stats, close-up shots of the plays and other neat and interesting features as well as rich graphics.

reggie posted a review
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