World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer

Sometimes that old saying about good things coming in small packages is true. Such is the case with Tengen's World Cup Soccer for the Game Gear. Surprisingly, this simple, fun-to-play cart has most of the features of its 16-bit counterparts.

Play the Field

World Cup Soccer showcases 24 of the world's top soccer countries, including the U.S. You can play against the computer or use a Gear-to-Gear Cable to challenge a friend in the Exhibition mode. When you think you're ready to go for the gold, you can enter your team in the World Cup tourney. Earn enough points in the Elimination League, and you can go into the Final Tournament. The Final Tournament is a sudden-death tournament for the World Cup.

The graphics, like the cart itself, are simple, but they're crisp and well suited for the Game Gear screen. The scrolling is smooth and fast and keeps up with the action.

The controls are as quick and responsive as any soccer cart on the market. The only complaint is on the defensive side, where the game is a little slow when you switch from one player to the next, a problem common to most soccer carts.

The sound is the weakest part of the game. The repetitive, mind-numbing soundtrack should come with some kind of mental-health advisory.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Soccer

World Cup Soccer is in a class by itself on the Game Gear. This one's a real kick.


  • Press A for a sliding tackle to take the ball away from your opponent. Most soccer carts will tell you to stay away from tackling, but here it's an integral part of your defease.
  • Move the hall from player to player in the attack zone to confuse the computer's keeper. Quick passing will result in an easy goal.
  • When hiking your shot, come at the goal from a 45-degree angle and aim for the back post.

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World Cup Soccer Downloads

Sega Genesis World Cup Soccer download

Tengen pulls a header at CES this summer with World Cup Soccer. It delivers teams from 28 countries for full World Cup action. You'll stay on top of the action with a deep, K-overhead game play perpective. Play against the computer or Game Link with a friend for head-to-head competition.

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