World League Soccer

a game by Anco

Platform: SNESSNES

Genre: Sports


Sports titles are among the first to appear on the Super NES, and World League Soccer is among the first of them. Take the action down field as you race to your opponent's goal for a one on one confrontation! Some of the best scaling and animation effects are seen here on the Super NES. World League Soccer offers excellent options screen that lets you really take control of your team's abilities and skills. No other soccer game even comes close to the pure intensity and action of World Class Soccer!

Look for it in your toy stores early next year!

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World League Soccer Downloads

SNES World League Soccer download

He kicks and he scores! A soccer game has made its way on to the Super NES. Choose your team from the list of countries and then go at it with some of the best players you will ever come across. Watch your goalie as he dives for the ball and listen to the crowd roar as you cause a foul by tripping another player. Watch the map in the corner of your screen to see where the ball, players, and goals are so you can be sure to be on top of the ball at all times. Play exhibition games or go for the tournaments and play against the best of the best. Great challenge awaits you, so get your gear together and go for the goal!

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