Wrecking Crew

a game by Nintendo

Platforms: NESNESGBA

Genres: Action, Arcade Classics

See also: Wreckin Crew Games

Released in Japan, in 1985 and North America in 1985, Wrecking Crew was developed for the NES, starring the popular game character Mario.

Mario works to destroy certain objects on the level. These levels are composed of a number of different looping levels, some are linked by ladders. Design of a level is key, and each has the destructible ladders, columns, bombs, and blocks, destroyed in certain order. To complicate things, the player also has to solve the puzzles while avoiding fireballs, monkey wrench and eggplant enemies, and a construction foreman named Spike. As the second player in the game appears Luigi, dressed in atypical purple.

An arcade version released under the title of Vs. Wrecking Crew, allows the player to design up to four of his/her own levels in a special design mode. The level would be saved to the cassette tape. But since the needed for this purpose Famicom Data Recorder device was only available in Japan, the saving option was effectively unavailable to U.S. customers.

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