WWF King of the Ring

a game by LJN

Platform: NESNES

Genre: Fighting Games

See also: WWF Games

  • Machine: SNES
  • Manufacturer: LJN

Yeah, it's a basic fighting game - but it's a good one. You won't find any new or exciting moves here, but you've got all the staples of gratuitous violence readily available. All in all, a solid effort.

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  • Manufacturer: LJN
  • Machine: NES
  • Theme: Action
  • Release: 1993

People say:


It's about time that a new wrestling game came out for the old 8-Bit timer. There are lots of wrestlers to pick from, each being quite different from the other. Being only a two-button game does not really hinder it from being fun, but being on an 8-Bit system does have its limitations - like the occasional character legs disappearing when thrown due to break-up. But it is still lots of fun for two players!


Although there aren't many wrestling games available for the dying NES system, I wasn't very impress with this one. The wrestlers were all pretty choppy in movement and there was practically no sound. There is, however, a large amount of moves and the cart is only really fun when two players are competing. At least there are four types of matches that can be held. It's good, but nothing spectacular.


A good attempt of making a quality wrestling game for a near-dead game system. The graphics are weak and lots of flicker gets annoying real fast. The game play is decent and the cart proves to be fun for two players. All of the popular wrestlers are present and their special moves are relatively easy to do. This cart will appeal only to those who are caught in some cruel time warp and can't break away from 8-Bit.


OK, so it's not the Super NES or even the Genesis version! So ...let's dance! WWF on 8-Bit does just fine and for two players, it becomes extremely fun! However, the usual drawbacks of 8-Bit still show up (diminished sound, flicker, break-up, etc.), but what is there is well done! There are enough wrestlers to chose from and their moves are easy to execute (remember, this is a two-button system!)

reggie posted a review

This sports and fighting game for one or many players for Nintendo Entertainment System was developed and published by LJN, and released in 1993.

This is a video game devoted to the professional wrestling and gives you the chance of becoming the King of the Ring. There is eight-man single elimination tournament. The player can go through a series of singles matches and vie for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Title. Exhibition matches in singles and tag team modes are also available.

reggie posted a review
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