WWF Steel Cage Challenge

a game by Sega

Platform: GameGear

Genre: Sports

Slam fans will drool over the thought of having the back-breaking action of the WWF at their fingertips. However, WWF Wrestle-mania Steel Cage Challenge for the Game Gear doesn't hit very hard.

You choose from 10 real-life wranglers like Papa Shango and Hulk Hogan, and three modes of game play.

The wrestlers have a nice variety of moves on paper, like clotheslines and elbow drops. However, the quirky controls make'executing these moves a chore.

The small, blurry graphics show no definable features on any of the characters. The moves all look basically the same, and the wrestlers jerk their way across the screen. The minimal sounds offer no groans, grunts, or slam noises at all.

You'll be further challenged by the hard-to-pull moves and snoozing game play. Only a rabid WWF wrestling fan can imagine their favorite basher bruising it out.


  • Throw your opponent into the cage, then climb on the ropes to victory.
  • Don't even attempt a special move unless your opponents life bar has sufficiently decreased.

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