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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Action

The excitement of the arcade classic can be relieved when up to 4 players join in on this alien extermination mission. The space station is infested with every kind of disgusting alien creatures. Pick up special weapons along the way and clear out the base before it self-destructs.

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From deep outside the galaxy distress signals have been sent from the dozens of colonies that line the outer reaches of the solar system. While reports are sketchy, it appears that alien life forms have invaded the planets and the transports that orbit above them, killing off crews and endangering the colonists. It is your job to assemble a team of troopers to go and put an end to this crisis!

Lynx Xenophobe is an expanded version of the classic coin-op that featured ravenous reptillians out for blood. In this version you can Com-Lynx the systems together to give independent vantage points for each participant (unlike the arcade which had a screen split horizontally three times). Explore each station, collect weapons and blast the monsters out of orbit!

Retrieve Bonus Items!

Scattered throughout the ships and stations you will visit in Xenophobe, there are all kinds of bonus point awards. Accumulate higher scores by collecting as many of these items as possible as the bonus points will be carried over from level to level!

Upgrade Your Weapon!

In addition to bonus point items, there are also several types of weapons that can be retrieved. Most of these power-ups will be an improvement over the standard pulse rifle, but most have some types of weaknesses that offset some valuable features!

Get Out Alive!

As the action heats up, you'll encounter even more alien nasties! Also, many of the locations you occupy will be ready to blow and only a limited amount of time will remain before the alien takeover becomes complete!

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Marching straight from the arcades and into your Atari 7800 and XE game systems, comes the classic Bally quarter-munching monster, Xenophobe.

Cast as an intergalactic exterminator, your mission is to infiltrate the human moon bases and space stations that have been overrun by the Xenophobe invaders. With gun in hand, you must search through the multiple levels of each outpost in an effort to eliminate an alien infestation that's run amok.

Your enemy is a varied collection of slimy tadpoles and roly-poly balls of teeth that have one thing on their mind: chewing you to bits! You can ward off their attacks with any one of the different weapons left behind from colonists who were not as fortunate as yourself! These power-ups include a Laser rifle, Lightning Rod, and the dreaded "Poof" gun. Food and other beneficial items can also be located within the deserted stations.

One of Xenophobe's most unique features, however, is the ability for two players to explore the hundreds of screens in this game from completely separate perspectives. This enables you to work in tandem against the tentacled terrors or you have the option of venturing off and zapping the monsters solo.

Whichever way you play, Xenophobe dishes up some of the best action Atari has ever seen. A good translation of an all-time classic coin-op!

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This platform video game was developed and published by Bally Midway, and released in 1988. The name itself - Xenos - is supposed to strikes fear and panic into every single colonist's heart. First there was a distress call received from the space stations orbiting your home world. Then. Silence. The only one ship managed to escape. A battered man, who tells the tale of pods, hatching into acid-spitting Xenos, pilots it.

To combat the Xenos threat, a small crew of engineers has been dispatched before it takes over all the stations in the space. And your home world. Bring your engineers together and struggle the Xenos on each station, striving to either clear it or abandon it. You have a standard issue laser to start with, but you can get additional weapons the moment you find any. There will be such as Lightning Rifles, Phasers, Poofer guns, and bombs.

Initially, Xenophobe released in 1987, was an arcade coin-op by Bally/Midway. Game play idea and setting is greatly inspired and influenced by the movie Aliens.

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