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Platform: NESNES

Genre: Shooting Games

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Released in 1986-1987, the game was designed by Compile (they actually developed several classic shooters) and published by Pony Inc. Zanac is a fast and a king of addictive shooting game. It features some special A.I. system - the difficulty of a game level is adapted to the player's skills. The game watches very closely your progress and when it notices that you can play well, and you must be a skilled player, it will get even more difficult. The game goes this way until you "die". But if you are a beginner, this game will be much politer to you. Only before the very moment you start thinking this one is too easy for you. You play better it’s getting harder and harder... This video game has eight quite difficult levels; it is full of enemies and a variety of possible weapons.

If you like shooting games for their game quality, Zanac is just your game. Thanks to the unique A.I. system, the game is enjoyable both for experienced players beginners.

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