Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 32X

Platform: Sega GenesisGenesis

Genres: Flying, Shooting Games, 32x

  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: SMS

Though this is marketed as a 3-0 game, you can play it without the SegaScope 3-0 glasses. At the title screen, hit the Pause button and a secret selection screen will appear. Here you can pick between 3-D and 2-D viewing and choose how you want your ship controlled by the directional pad - Normal or Reverse.

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Sega Genesis Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 32X download
  • Genre: shooter
  • Players: 1 or 2
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega

Recently, the movement towards retro-gaming has resurrected such titles as Pitfall, Donkey Kong and... This is all fine and good as long as the titles allow themselves to benefit from the great strides in technology over the last 10 years. The most recent addition to the list is Zaxxons's Motherbase 2000, a thoroughly disappointing version of the much-heralded, and for the most part, much-enjoyed three-quarter-view space shooter.

The most notable feature of the original was the fact that not only was the view kinda 3-D (it was a good try, anyway), but your ship could change its attitude to avoid different obstacles. Even if this was frustrating at times (and it was), at least it was a new challenge. Unfortunately, this feature did not make it to the new version which, aside from a little hopping move, keeps you flat on the ground the whole time.

If the lack of vertical movement was the only problem with this game than perhaps it could be forgiven, but that's not the case. The game's speed slows down when the action gets hot. The graphics are uninspired and unnecessarily busy, and finally the controls are sluggish and awkward. All in all, the original Zaxxons's was a far better game.

reggie posted a review

A long time ago, a really cool shooter called Zaxxon stormed through the arcades. Now Sega is using the Zaxxon name to generate interest in Motherbase 2000, a vaguely similar but ultimately mediocre 32X game.

Zaxxon, Zaxxoff

In Motherbase, you pilot a spaceship through polygon attack bases and giant robots. Unlike most shooters, you don't want to blow away every enemy because your ship can jump into many enemy craft and use them as power-ups! This unique feature saves this game from flying over the edge of utter boredom.

ProTip: When towers start falling, move to the upper-right comer to avoid them.

Graphically, the enemies and backgrounds are respectable, but the scrolling and size of the sprites don't provide much elbow room. At times, the scrolling can jump if you suddenly shift position.

With average blips and blasts, the sounds effects are equally hum-drum. Parts of the vibrant techno soundtrack pump, but other sections sound whiny.

Word to Your Motherbase

Although your ship maneuvers fairly easily, jumping in and out of the enemy vehicles can get sticky. It's worth learning how to master this problem, though, as the power-up feature is the best aspect of the game.

Fans of the old Zaxxon will be disappointed because this Mother bears little resemblance to its founding father. Some shooter fans will enjoy it, but the name should have been changed to protect the innocent.

  • At the end of Level 1, don't waste time shooting the boss. Blow up the two boxes on either side, and he'll fall through the trap door into outer space.
  • Jump into these red pods for assorted power-ups, such as a smart bomb or shield.
reggie posted a review
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