Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

a game by Iguana

Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesisSNESSNES

Genres: Educational/Kids, Platformer

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

If you liked the cartoony Aero the AcroBat, you'll like this fast-moving game starring Zero, Aero's squirrelly nemesis. Dazzling graphics might've made Zero a new video game super-star, but difficult controls bring him gliding back to Earth.

Zero the Hero

A bad guy in the first Aero game, Zero's a hero in his own game as he tries to protect his homeland from an evil lumberjack. Through seven varied levels, Zero jumps, swoops, and dives against legions of natural and robotic enemies. Along the way, he steers a jet ski, flies with a jetpack, inflates numerous hidden Side view Multiscrolling Action/adventure Unlimited continues 1 player rooms, and explores underground tunnels. He's Zero the adventurous squirrel.

It's the control that keeps you from fully enjoying the game. Zero has lots of skills -- he flings nunchakus, somersaults, and flies from ledges -- but his best moves take too much patience to master for a cartoony, lightweight game.

Some moves are so touchy that you'll periodically reach test areas where you practice; it seems the designers knew the controls are tough. Good luck steering Zero in his Dive Attack; watch the lengthy demo to see what you're struggling to accomplish.


  • Bounce repeatedly off these spongy enemies to reach higher altitudes but don't overdo it, or they'll swallow you and spit up your skeleton.
  • Use your weapons to defeat these miners from a safe distance.
  • Jump safely from branch to branch as long as you can in the Forest, then fly to the uppermost items and platforms.

Squirrel World

The graphics range from fun and frivolous (as when Zero gets skeletonized) to beautiful and enchanting (check out the beach and forest backgrounds). The enemies aren't big, but they're inventive, and Zero has lots of good animations, especially when he wrecks. Good thing, too, considering how often he hits the wall.

The sound, though, never really flies. The music is much too serious and slow for such a quick, fanciful game. You'll also wish the enemies and Zero himself made more noises.

Despite its drawbacks, Zero's worth a play or two or ten. The unlimited continues are an asset, but young players may still be frustrated. However, if you have the patience, Zero has the game.

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Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel Downloads

Sega Genesis Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel download
  • Manufacturer: Sunsoft
  • Machine: Genesis

Here's another spinoff involving a minor character from another game. The plucky squirrel (no, his name isn't Rocky) from Aero the Acro-Bat is zooming and booming in his very own first adventure. Fly the friendly skies, eh.. squirrel!

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  • Machine: Genesis
  • Manufacturer: Sunsoft.

Here's another spin-off involving a minor character from another game. The plucky squirrel (no, his name isn't Rocky) from Aero the Aero-Bat is zooming and booming in his very own first adventure. Fly the friendly skies, er... squirrel!

reggie posted a review
  • Machine: SNES Genesis
  • Manufacturer: Sunsoft
  • Range: action-adventure

Aero's co-star has big-top plans of his own.

You may remember Zero from his video-game debut in last year's Aero the Acro-Bat. As the jealous circus star who lost his job to Aero, Zero was the bad guy, teaming with the evil ex-clown Edgar Ektor to seek his revenge. Now, as we told you last fall, he's back on top in his own 16-meg game for Genesis and SNES, and there's no Aero to steal the show.

After receiving word that a lumberjack known as Jacques LeSheets is threatening to chop down Zero's forest home to get money for a counterfeit money scheme, Zero splits from the despicable Ektor and tries to foil his plans. He must use kamikaze spins, dives, tail-spins, and more as he zips through rugged terrain from the forest to the mountains, from beaches to volcanos until he reaches the abhorrent paper factory.

Though Zero is getting his own shot at video-game stardom, it looks as if his competition with Aero isn't over yet - Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel will be released simultaneously with Aero II. You heard it here first.

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  • Manufacturer: Sunsoft
  • Machine: Super NES/ Gen.
  • Theme: Action

He was once Aero the Acrobat's enemy, but now this crazy squirrel is fighting the forces of evil. After receiving news that his homeland was in trouble, Zero left the evil ex-clown Edgar Ektor to save his friends and family. A mysterious lumberjack named LeSheets is chopping down the entire forest that is Zero's homeland. His immense journey will take him through forests, beaches, caves, volcanoes, a toxic waste pool, and a paper factory.

Along the way, Zero will meet up with a wolverine named Quicksliver and more of LeSheets' henchmen. To fight off his foes, Zero can do all sorts of Kamikaze spins. Using new character animation technology, it seems Zero may take the spotlight.

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Aero the Acro-Bat scored last year as a colorful, multitalented new 16-bit hero. Now one of the co-stars of the original Aero game gets his own adventure. Zero is just as colorful and talented, but he suffers from some of the same control problems that brought Aero down to Earth.

Rodent Rash

When a vile lumberjack threatens Zero's homeland, the bushy-tailed squirrel tries to chop him down to size. To reach the final confrontation in the paper mill, Zero must run and jump past a beach full of crawling enemies, zoom through perilous cliffs and tunnels, steer a jet ski down churning rapids, and survive a dip in a toxic-waste pool. The varied styles of game play ensure you won't be bored.

ProTip: Inflate this bellows with three Jumps, and you'll create a secret room with goodies. Don't Jump four times, though, or the room will blow up.

However, at times you might be frustrated by the controls. Just as Aero's flying was difficult to direct, Zero's swooping and diving are hard to command. He moves so fast and is so hard to control, you'll find yourself plowing into walls and floors with alarming frequency. Be prepared to practice a lot if you want to master his airborne abilities. His other moves -- including an aggressive long-range Flic-Flac attack, spin, and martial arts skills -- are much simpler to pull off and give him lots of cool things to do.

  • To reach the top platform in this secret room, bounce high off the bellows. Once you snag the items above, reinflate the doorway to exit.
  • These green wall-hanging enemies are hard to beat in tight places. Dive into the windshield to shatter the cockpit
  • Use your kick on the electric eels, or you're in for a shocking experience.

Zero's World

Zero lives in a world as bright and colorful as Aero's. In some ways, Zero's graphics are better: The sprites are bigger, and they have lots of humorous animations (especially when they crash). There's a better variety of settings, too. Graphically, the whole environment is worthy of a high-quality Saturday-morning cartoon. The sounds aren't as good. The music doesn't really suit the levels, and you'll wish for more dramatic sound effects like Zero's decent howl.

The Mark of Zero

Even with its sometimes-frustrating controls, this game has lots of lightweight, frivolous fun for intermediate gamers. Take this squirrel out for a spin, and you'll agree that he's a hero, not a zero.

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Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel is a spin-off of the Aero the Acro-Bat series for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Megadrive.

The main star is Zero, which goal is to save his little brother. A version for the Game Boy Advance was planned in 2003, but it was never released.

reggie posted a review
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