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Andy @indulged1 ?

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I am a 26 year old reliving my childhood with all these great classic games!, My music taste is Rock / Punk, I have a pet dog Sash a blue brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier who's full of beans and gumption, My hobbies are playing the guitar / Bass, Sketching, Photography and obviously classic gaming.

My favourite games are

Puzzle:~ Pocahontas, Bubba "n" sticks, Lost vikings, Sos aka Hms lucifa, Lemmings, Shove it, Pac man adventures 2, Junction, Break thru', Wild snake. .

Action:~ Zombies ate my neighbours, Streets of rage, Ristar, Lion king, Aladdin, The timeless adventures of micky mouse, Sonic the hedgehog, Ecco the dolphin, Sunset riders.

Racing:~ Mario kart, Micro machines, F-Zero, Out run, Road rash, Rock "n" roll racing, Super hang on, Kawasaki gp suzuka, Power Drive.

RPG:~ Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Secret of mana, Lufia, Zelda, Wonderboy, The story of thor, Harvest moon, Illusion of gaia, Prince of persia, Flashback, Out of this world, Breath of fire.

Sport:~ World cup rugby 1995, Fifa 1998, Aryton Senna Monaco GP, Minnesota Fats pool.