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Rocky Rodent

As Rocky Rodent, you play a Rodent who must use four various hairstyles to rescue the daughter of the owner of Rocky's favorite eatery. Rocky Rodent is a platform game with 6 levels with multiple stages, similar to a cross between Sonic the Hedgeho..

Super R-Type

Super R-Type is a shooter game, known for its high difficulty (even compared to other games in the series), particularly because of its lack of checkpoints, since dying means restarting the level from scratch.

Hammerin' Harry

In Carpentersville, a nice and peaceful town, several workers who are known as The Rusty Nailers have decided to bulldoze Harry's house. Certainly, Harry is not very happy about the situation, so he is on the rampage, destroying all the workers who..


R-Types isn't an all-new shooter though; instead, it's a compilation disc containing the full arcade versions of the original R-Type and R-Type II.

Irem Skins Game

Golf game with a lot of options how to kick a ball.

Dino City

The game centers around Timmy and his friend Jamie, two young children who are accidentally transported to a world resembling prehistoric Earth populated by anthropomorphic dinosaurs.

Street Combat

Quite good fighting game.

Kung Fu Master

Talk about mideast crisises! In Kung Fu Master it's you against a whole army of ninja mer-cenaries.

Image Fight

It's time to climb behind the controls of the awesome fighter rocket, Daedalus, and do battle with the aliens who threaten the very existence of your race.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

Gameplay is still the classic R-Type way with huge levels and bosses. With your detachable laser unit, you can fire in front or behind your ship.

Ninja Spirit

Many years ago, as written in the ancient scrolls, the Orient was ruled by a very powerful tong.

R-Type Delta

The immediately recognizable differences between R-Type Delta and past R-Type games are mostly aesthetic.

R-Type 2

The sequel to one of the hottest and most challenging shooters of all times is finally here!

Legend Of Hero Tonma

The princess has been kidnapped by the evil spirits of the castle and it's up to the hero Tonma to get her back!

Image Fight 2

Off in a distant part of our galaxy, an intelligence system of unknown proportions has been enslaving inhabitants of other worlds and then destroying their planets.