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Platform: Sega CD
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 1 vote
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Brutal is visually very impressive, using lots of colors and detail to make it stand out. The music is terrific, and the cinemas are the best for the Sega CD. I like the way your characters build up their abilities as they progress through the game. The story is very well thought out. The actual fighting isn't all that hot. making you rely on jump kicks, rather than techniques. Still, Brutal is a cool game that has unique elements.


Brutal throws some new ideas into the over-crowded fighting game world. The concept of having to defeat opponents to learn special attacks is cool, but may be too strange for die-hard fighting game lovers. The CD music is simply incredible and the cinemas are cartoon-like for added fun. Alas, the game suffers from quirky timing. What could have been a hot contender, will have to I settle for a lower rank.


From the get-go, I was in total awe of the opening cartoon sequence and other cool details of the game, like the various animations of each character through the Player Select Screen. Very original1 But once I got to the game, 4 was really let down by the poor play control. The fighters moved like molasses and it seemed unresponsive. Maybe this whole CD should have been a cartoon from the beginning.


I have to admit to loving the look of this game. From the opening cinemas to the cute animal fighters, the game is an eye-pleaser. It only got better when I learned the strategy of earning special moves and the elaborate story and philosophy behind the game. The problem is that it plays a bit sluggish and the reaction time needs to be a bit tighter. It plays like a real sparing match, but gamers may not be used to this.

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