Chronicles of The Swrord

Platform: Playstation
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Chronicles of The Swrord
Chronicles of The Swrord
Chronicles of The Swrord
Chronicles of The Swrord

Adventure games have been around since the dawn of time, or the dawn of video games, at least.They always seemed like the perfect vehicle for adventure fans to explore the magical worlds they read about. Infocom (the people who brought you Zork) was among the first companies to fully exploit the adventuring potential of a video game. In those days, you got to say things like, "Take Bottle" to which the computer invariably responded, "I do not understand that request". Oh what fun it was. Nowadays though, the adventure game has come on a lot, with 3-D graphics, stereo soundtracks and more depth than ever before.

Chronicles Of The Sword is a fine example of the genre. It's produced by Psygnosis, now known as Sony Interactive, and takes place in the time of Arthurian legend. You get to play the part of Gawain, the Green Knight.

Gawain, while King Arthur was fighting for England, tended to get in a lot of trouble on his own. Demons, holy grails, that kind of stuff. In the Sony PlayStation game, Gawain has perhaps bitten off a little more than he can chew. Why? Because he's got himself tangled up with some dame. Dames is always trouble, see? Even in Arthurian lore. Morgana, the dame in question, is perhaps a little more trouble than most. Believed to be in league with the devil, she's trying to thwart Gawain's attempts to create peace in the land.

Why? Who knows? What we do know is that Chronicles of the Sword is a beautiful point-and-click adventure, kind of like Monkey Island, but with wonderful, 3-D rendered graphics.

All the good guys, bad guys and incidental guys are animated cleanly and smoothly, thanks to the wonderful advances made in polygon technology. Gawain especially looks very nice as he wanders around the screen.

There are over 100 exquisitely detailed locations, taking you from the green fields of England, to the moribund darkness of Morgana's lair. The backgrounds are often just as well animated as the character sprites and the overall feeling of quality is very high.

Music is good, with a nice mix of medieval tunes and startlingly accurate sound effects.The fact that the adventuring and puzzling is sometimes broken up by action-packed battle scenes also helps and, all in all, this is a nifty game.

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