Cyber Police

a game by Sega
Platform: Amiga
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Cyber Police
Cyber Police
Cyber Police
Cyber Police

Cyber Cop is a Transformer-type agent of law and order on a surreal search-and-destroy mission through several game realms. He's after the villians responsible for the Rebellion of Hollerith--and, needless to say, Hollerith has never been the same.

The game starts when Cyber Cop is deposited from a starship onto the Air World, where clouds provide the only landing space. Cyber Cop can transform from his default robot shape into Cyber Copter for movement from cloud to cloud. Simply stepping off one of the clouds in robot form causes the player-character to plunge into the First Transition Region, from which it can either return to the Air World or enter the Geosphere, an enormous cavern with a striplike walkway running through the center. In its robotic form, Cyber Cop can not leave the walkway; to do that, he must transform into Cyber Tank.

After exiting the Geosphere, Cyber Cop passes through the Second Transition Region into the Aquatic Realm, similar to the Geosphere in that the robot form is limited to a long, tubelike walkway. Cyber Cop must then metamorphosize into Cyber Sub in order to leave the walkway through one of the portals.

Cyber Cop uses a pseudo-3D perspective similar to that seen in The Last Ninja (Activision). While this angled, two-thirds viewpoint is very successful at communicating depth, it has drawbacks as well. It's often difficult to discern the relative positions of Cyber Cop and his various antagonists. In some cases, just walking is a hassle. The odd thing is that the angle actually changes from realm to realm. Whereas both the Air World clouds and Geosphere walkway use a downward slanting, left-to-right perspective, the walkway in the Aquatic Realm, while tilted slightly toward the player, runs straight across the screen. This is fairly disorienting, especially since the underwater action returns to the same perspective as non-cloud and non-walkway play in the earlier mini-games.

Designer/publisher Roger Pedersen never completely comes to grips with all the implications of his own design, but Cyber Cop is a solid, if unspectacular, effort. The graphics are quite impressive by CGA standards (though PC owners with superior graphics boards may be disappointed), and it's good to see a game with a transformable player-character whose various transitions are meaningful in terms of strategy and tactics.

Not all versions of the game are available at this writing, but they're promised for late-summer delivery.

Special credit also goes to the attractive and thorough documentation: a 14-page, full-color booklet with numerous screen shots and easy-to-read charts.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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