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Sega Genesis

Desert Demolition

Desert Demolition Game
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  • Bubsy 2
    Bubsy 2 Bubsy II is a 2D Platformer game, developed and published by Accolade, which was released in 1994.
  • Tom and Jerry - Frantic Antics
    Tom and Jerry - Frantic Antics The famous cartoon cat and mouse duo, Tom & Jerry have appeared in various video games during their later years of...
Play either the Road Runner OR Wile E. Coyote in this unique side-scroller that is just like an interactive Saturday morning cartoon.
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Sega Genesis SNES

Desert Strike

Desert Strike Game
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  • Air Cavalry
    Air Cavalry This fun filled, action packed, military combat game allows you take part in covert and diverse helicopter missions.
  • Choplifter III
    Choplifter III The gameplay revolves around piloting a rescue helicopter into hostile territory and rescuing hostages.
Desert Strike is a helicopter game. There is a wide variety of missions including destroying targets, rescuing prisoners, capturing an ambassador, stopping an oil spill, and taking out SCUD launchers.
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