Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstic

a game by VIS entertainment ltd
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 4.0/10 - 1 vote
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Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstic
Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstic
Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstic
Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstic

People say:


Playing Boomstick is more excruciating than having your sphincter sewn shut and being force-fed prunes. Honestly, I would’ve paid to not play this game. Counterintuitive puzzles eke several hours out of a single level but fail to create even the illusion of progress. What seemed to be part of a solution always begets another puzzle in infinite regress until nothing short of a phone call to the game’s producer for help can end your agony (which, I kid you not, is what I resorted to). When it comes to venting steam on the decomposing Dearborn townsfolk, you’d assume a sawed-off shotgun, diamondtoothed chainsaw, and Bruce Campbell’s canned one-liners would suffice. Instead, you’re repeatedly blindsided and slain by countless cheap shots. And if you didn’t tap one of your limited save tokens, it’s back to square trickin’ one. Pointlessly retracing steps of ill-conceived puzzles and memorizing cut-scenes I couldn’t skip only multiplied my misery. Pay someone who hates you 20 bucks to hide your car keys instead.


This sugar, baby, tastes oddly like Gym Sock Surprise-and we ate it so you don’t have to. Hero Ash, normally a kick-ass brawler, has been turned into a mere errand boy in the frustrating Boomstick. He has to perform numerous dull fetch quests, but since none of the game’s environments has a map, you’ll have no solid idea where to go. Ammo and health packs are limited, too, ensuring Ash is only suited for either running away or dying. Ouch. Hail to the sting.


I don’t expect a high degree of believability from my Evil Dead games, but when a zombified saber-toothed tiger gives up shotgun shells when killed, well, the impulse to set the controller down and walk away is irresistible. Shawn and Greg outlined the game’s major faults-but I’d like to heap a little more scorn on the combat system. Who needs combos or special moves? Not us, apparently. It’s more fun to run away, attack briefly, and then run again. Not even Ash’s signature double entendres can save this thing.

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Playstation 2

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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