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"The series has become too familiar. And although it's well worth buying this third instalment, It's hard to call it an essential purchase."

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  • I think you've completely missed the mark with your review of GP3. You said it's too clinical for non-hardcore enthusiasts, but that's just rubbish.Yes, you can mess around with gear ratios and stuff, but even the worst player will be able to finish in the top six on Rookie mode after just a few races. Granted, the crowds look poor, the tyre walls adequate and the pit crew shoddy, but does that matter? The sound is as good as in any other F1 game and commentary would've just been off-putting -although pit crew communication would've been nice. However, the quality of the Al, little touches such as dry lines on the track and mistakes from other cars, coupled with the fact that it's easy for newcomers while still catering for hardcore F1 fans, make GP3 an essential purchase.
  • GP3 is basically GP2, with graphics that look about two years old. GRTIets us down with blocky close ups, pop-up scenery, and cut-out crowds that sparkle. Force feedback is a disappointment, simply throwing you from side to side, with the odd kerb rumble thrown in for good measure. The awkward wheel display means that if you glance down at it, you almost always crash. A television style race banner, which works so well in other F1 sims, is needed. Pit lane renderings are laughable, with cars floating in mid air, while driving 50+ laps makes you realise just how lacking in atmosphere the game is. GP3 desperately needs pit lane communicabon, which gives race information, team orders and a Walker-Brundle type commentary opbon. The sound is basic and tinny - where are the 600 BHP throaty engine sounds? And there's still no parade lap, safety car or team tactics. I'm so critical because it's not the great leap forward we were promised. If it had come out two years ago, it would have scored 96 per cent, but today, all things considered, 80 per cent is just about right.
  • Thank God, at least someone can still give accurate and unbiased reviews we can rely on. How certain other gaming magazines could rate GP3 so highly is beyond belief, as it's a game with dated graphics and numerous flaws. Basically, it's exactly the same as its four-year-old predecessor. I think you got the review pretty much spot on with 80 per cent. Although you could have mentioned that the game runs poorly with a Voodoo 2. Don't get me wrong, I love playing GP3, but 80 per cent is the maximum you can give a game when there is no split-axis peddle option (pretty much a necessity for a driving game!), replays are only ten seconds long, the graphics and sound are dated and there are loads of annoying bugs. I'm going to go back to Grand Prix Legends, which is still the most entertaining racing game, even though it's two years old.
  • I think GP3 is dreadful. I've been waiting for it for a long time, and I'm afraid to say that I'm hugely disappointed with one major part of it. It's too damn hard. So hard in fact that it's almost unplayable. I've completed both GP1 and GP2 on the medium difficulty settings, but even the Rookie level on GP3 is proving too hard. I qualify about 10th, but in the few minutes between my qualifying lap and the end of the session, I somehow always end up at the back of the grid. I feel like I shouldn't even bother with the qualification session, and should just go straight into the race. After all, I'll still be starting from the same place. In the race, as soon as I hit the throttle, my car wants to spin, even with the acceleration aid on. As for the car set up, what am I supposed to know about the intricacies of down force and brake balances? Surely these factors shouldn't affect your car as much as they do on Rookie level. I've been an avid gamer for years and, while I don't consider myself to be the best game player in the world, I'm certainly not the worst, particularly since I've completed loads ot driving games in my time. I understand that this is a simulation, and in this respect the game is superti. My point is that playing a game if you can't enjoy it is pointless. Surely it should have been simpler on the easier difficulty settings, so as not to put off too many people early on. Personally, I doubt I'll ever play it again. GP3 could have been the best racing game ever, for both rookies and pros. As it is, only people who are prepared to invest all of their spare time into it will ever truly master it. I'm sure not that many people will be prepared to do this. I've spent $30 that I couldn't really afford on a game that I thought was going to last me a very long time. And after a mere two days, I'm pulling my hair out and screaming because it's not up to scratch. This isn't just my opinion, as many of my friends feel the same way. We're all avid gamers and we all agree that GP3 is a huge disappointment.

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