H.E.D.Z. (Head Extreme Destruction Zone)

a game by Hasbo Interactive
Platform: PC
Rating: 6/10


You are a purple-skinned, green-eyed, cheesy-smile-wearing alien competing against your kind in a massive head-hunt. Each head has a different power which you possess by wearing it. Collect as many as you can and keep the best ones on hand for the larger battles to come.

The game boasts hundreds of different heads and their associated powers, providing thousands of variations and surprises and hours of entertainment ... Right.

Gameplay, Controls, Interface

This is quite possibly the worst game I’ve ever played. Gameplay is not fast and furious; it is confusing and dull. While there are indeed many, many heads to collect, the special effects and/or powers of each head are often so similar to another one that you get tired of seeing the same thing over and over.


It's like someone spruced up the Wolfenstein 3D engine a little and sent it to market. It is really not that great, and while it is true 3D, it just doesn’t look that good. Outdated technology should not hold a fun game back. However, the models and their actions in the game are bad enough that I can’t glean any enjoyment from looking at the funny heads my competition is wearing.


Uninspired sound effects and corny music plague the game.

System Requirements

Windows95/98, 4X CD-ROM drive, 16 MB RAM, 150 MB hard disk space, Pentium 166 or higher, 2 MB graphics card (DX5.2 and 3Dfx card recommended), 16-bit compatible sound card, 28.8K modem. And that’s just the minimum. It's despicable that a game like this needs that much horsepower. Half-Life will run on a P133, for crying out loud! This game ought to run on my 486.


Each command is fully documented in the CD case manual. No problems there. The documentation makes you think the game might actually be fun, but don’t be fooled.

Bottom Line

In case you are thinking that maybe the game was designed for a slightly younger audience, I offer the following. My son loves sitting with his father playing just about any game that comes along -- first-person shooters, RPGs, real-time strategies, whatever. He just likes spending time with me that way. He was begging me to turn it off within five minutes. He’s never done that before.

Truly, this game is not worth anyone’s time. Don’t even take it from the bargain bin.

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