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After feverishly cranking out three well-received Castlevania titles (Lament of Innocence for PS2 and two GBA adventures) in a little over a year, Producer Koji Igarashi needs a break from all the vamping. Im not Gothic all the time! he says. Luckily, hes working on just the thing to beat the undead blues: next falls Nanobreaker for PS2.

Although fundamentally similar to Lament of Innocence (theyre both 3D action titles, after all), the games characters, settings, and story lines couldnt be more different: Nanobreaker is set in a bleak cyberpunk dystopia where humanity and machinery have melded. I decided to make a futuristic game this time, explains Igarashi, and nanomachines and nanotechnology are often in the news these days, so I thought it would make a fun theme for a game. Its unclear whether Nanobreaker's microscopic mechanisms should be considered fun, though the baby robots here cause serious chaos, mixing with human DNA to create a limitless army of so-called Orgamech mutants relentlessly bent on global annihilation.

Of course, its up to you to thwart this potential robopocalypse, but even your character (who remains mysteriously nameless at this point) isnt entirely human himself. You play as the militarys most powerful cyborg, explains Director Kenichiro Kato. Hes viewed as a weapon instead of a a cyborg, hes still suffering from the dark side of human emotions; he doesnt want to continue killing, but hes still not human. Hes caught between worlds. His muddled emotional state and troubled past will unravel as the game progresses, but thankfully, his internal strife doesnt keep him from unleashing cybernetic beat downs.

Your primary weapon is the Plasma Blade, a glowing saber that conceals some stylish secrets. It has two major attacks: slicing vertically and horizontally, Igarashi explains. You can also thrust enemies into the air to perform various combos that cause the Plasma Blade to change form. For example, after a certain combo, it transforms into a gigantic ax that cleaves enemies in two with one stroke.

So, despite a radically different setting and tone, Nanobreaker's underlying game-play sounds much like Lament's: pure, visceral action laden with complex combos. Also, it sounds like Nanobreaker wont suffer from the same flaw that kept Igarashis first 3D Castlevania from attaining perfection repetitive level design. With Lament of Innocence, the maps were divided into many small rooms, Kato says, but with Nanobreaker, each area is much larger in scale...this will be the major difference. Exploring Orgamech-infested power plants and bombed-out buildings will hopefully feel much more organic and open than the endless kill-all-the-baddies rooms of Draculas castle.

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