NHL Open Ice

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NHL Open Ice
NHL Open Ice
NHL Open Ice
NHL Open Ice

If there's one thing I noticed at E3, it was that Williams is poised to kick some serious butt down at your local arcade. The coolest game the company showed us was NHL Open Ice.

I'll admit up-front that my love for this game stems from my obsession with hockey. Nothing less than NBA Jam with a hockey puck, Open Ice has the fast-paced, over-the-top action that made the former title so popular. Pick your favorite team, put your favorite players on the ice and then flail away at those buttons.

Everything--from the set-up screen to the button configurations--is the same as in NBA Jam. Expect players to catch fire after three goals, watch players do flips during a powered-up slapshot, and laugh as the opposing player is sent flying after you lay into him with a hit. If you love hockey and are hip to Jam, then you'll drool over this coin-op. But, if you're tired of Jam and are able to see through this thinly-veiled transformation from hoops to hockey, move on. Expect it to hit the console sometime later in the year.

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