Police Quest IV: Open Season

a game by Sierra
Platform: PC
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Police Quest IV: Open Season
Police Quest IV: Open Season
Police Quest IV: Open Season
Police Quest IV: Open Season

Of all the cities in all the world, I can't think of anywhere I would like to live less than Los Angeles. I once heard the statistics for murder there - something along the lines of more people killed in a month than are killed in five years in Britain! And they call it the "City of Angels", which is quite apt as tradition has it that you have to be deceased to become an Angel. To top this they built the city on a fault line which is destined to swallow the whole place - I'd rather live in Essex.

Hie plot

John Carey's your name, and you wear a badge - that of the lapd. The body of your best buddy and fellow copper turns up at 3.00am in an alleyway, in one of the rougher districts of South LA. He's been tortured and mutilated, eyes glued shut and one of his fingers cut off. Brrrr! As lead investigator at the scene you have to find out who did it. As you do the usual police stuff - drawing a line around the body, searching for clues and interviewing on-lookers ("I ain't seen nuttin' man") - you take a look in a big wheelie bin and, blimey... another stiff. This time it's a young boy - shot to bits. Are they connected?

The plot thickens

Okay, so first things first. It's morning and you've now got two murders to solve. Where do you start? Grab some donuts and a coffee? No, everything's done by the book, so it's off to interview each of the deceased's relatives and the locals at the scene, and take a trip down the morgue to find out just what happened to your mate. Soon another tortured body turns up. It looks like you're dealing with a serial killer!

Life's a game...

The game interface is typical of Sierra adventure games - walk, look, talk, touch and use icons, an inventory to store all of your finds and a control panel for game options. Notes must be taken at interviews and crime scenes and reports written and given to your partner. Four stages represent Monday to Thursday, and progression to the next day requires everything that must be done having been done. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck you've obviously missed something of importance.

Hancock's half hour

I have to admit that I got quite hooked on Police Quest IV, and over a few long days, played it through to the bitter end (with much hair pulling as photo-realistic objects aren't often obvious against photorealistic backgrounds). The game is rendered in svga photos of real locations, with digitised actors and full speech throughout. And Hancock's Half Hour? Well, right after getting the villain, the game crashed Aaagghhh! Why? When? How were they connected? A quick re-boot and a restored saved game - it doesn't crash, but... there never was a last page, just closing credits!

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