Super Mario Bros X

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a game by Andrew Spinks
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Super Mario Bros X
Super Mario Bros X
Super Mario Bros X
Super Mario Bros X

Regarded by many as the ultimate fan game, Super Mario Bros X sure is something pretty special. One of the most interesting things about this game is that it was one of the first big profile fan games that Nintendo went for. They got this shutdown… for a time anyway. And it really saw them stepping things up by shutting down any fan stuff that used their IP. Of course, the game is still out there for those that want to experience it and I fired it up for the first time in ages and had a lot of fun with it.

Hold Up, It’s The Next Episode!

The way that Super Mario Bros X works is that it is basically fan created levels or as the game calls them “episodes” that are made by Mario fans for other fans to enjoy. The go to ones here are The Invasion, The Invasion 2, and Princess Cliché 1 and 2. These are two great examples of the fans having a lot of fun with the Mario franchise and they are probably the first thing you need to check out when playing this.

The All-Stars!

If you have ever played a Mario game before, Super Mario Bros X is going to feel right at home. It has that classic Mario feel to it and I would say that the gameplay probably is best comparable to the Super Nintendo games, specifically, the Super Mario All-Stars cart that had the remasters of the original three (well four) Super Mario Bros games that were on the NES. It feels nice and tight and it is fun that they added a multiplayer element, but for me, Super Mario and even the “New” Super Mario Bros games are best when you are playing them on your own, even with the forced multiplayer stuff that they do.

Making You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy

The quality of the episodes in Super Mario Bros X greatly depends on who has made them to be honest with you. Stuff like the Invasions episodes feel like in many ways that they could have been their own Mario game during the 16-bit days. I think that the Mario All-Stars comparison I just made is most fitting to the look of the game as well. It also has a great soundtrack and I love how for the soundtrack (and some of the levels too in certain episodes) they have used other classic Nintendo franchises as inspiration. At the end of the day, I feel that this is pretty much doing what Super Mario Maker would go on to do these days.


As far as Mario fan games go, Super Mario Bros X is probably the best out there as it pretty much offers you an unlimited amount of New Super Mario Bros content to enjoy. Now, I will say that the quality of the episodes you can play differs immensely. Some people seem to like making fun Mario adventures that feel like an extension of the series and those are what I like to play. However, there are many very cruel and frustrating levels as well which are just not fun for me to play.


  • I like the SNES Super Mario All-Stars style of the game
  • There are tons of levels and more are being added!
  • It is free to play
  • You can try your hand at creating and uploading your own content too


  • Some of the levels seem designed to frustrate the player more than entertain them
  • Nintendo always ends up shutting this down and it has to all move and be found again!

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