Ys 3

a game by Nihon Falcom
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Ys 3
Ys 3
Ys 3
Ys 3

Only Ys III could possibly compare to the original Ys Book I and II adventures. This title is becoming so popular it is being formatted for many of the existing game systems! Ys III on CD is the true game, containing all of the incredible soundtracks, cinema displays, and traditional voices of the Ys genre with a unique action perspective.

Three years have passed since Adol defeated the evil lurking in the land of Ys. Adol's companion, Dogi learns news of darkness spreading through his homeland, so Adol accompanies him to investigate. When they arrive they are greeted with dying crops, creatures who hunt humans, and despair so power-ful, even Adol must shudder. So, with 5 sword in hand, w Adol must once again resume the mantle of "champion of justice" to rid the fair lands of Felugana of the evil leeching its life force away.

With graphics and music only compact discs can deliver, Ys III is a perfect blend of upbeat tunes, radical graphics, and smooth gameplay. Discover all new lands, as well as all new powerups to help Adol conquer the evil forces that lie within. You can't let them destroy the land of Ys!! Available in October.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The popular Ys saga continues in this game role play adventure for the TurboGrafx-16. Although Ys III captures the look and feel of Ys: Book I and II, it doesn't match up 100 percent to the standard set by that classic.

Get Along Little Dogi

In this adventure the boy-hero Adol journeys to the land of Kenai with his, friend Dogi. In six stages of side 1 scrolling action (no overhead sequences as in the previous versions) Adol searches for the magic items and weapons that will enable him to defeat the evil forces that enslave Kenai.

Kenai is a land of many landscapes, including peaceful townships, rugged mountain ranges, and dark, forbidding mines. In each of the six stages of the game Adol encounters evil creatures bent on his destruction. This boy-hero lives and dies by his power meter which drops when monsters nail him. In standard role-play stuff Adol defeats baddies and builds up his strength and experience to advance to new levels of power.

Ys On Down the Road

Fortunately for Adol, he gets to do more than live and die by the sword. Friends he meets during his quest give him special items and information that enable him to continue his quest. Using gold he earns in battle Adol can also shop for weapons, healing herbs, and other powerful magic. Even the bad guys come in handy - Adol defeats each of the six bosses he earns a useful tool of the fighting trade.

Take the Ys'y Way Out

Musically Ys III meets the standard set by the mammoth Ys I and II CD Disk, incorporating cool tunes and speaking characters into the storyline. However, the game's graphics and storyline just aren't on a par with the original. The adventure itself is shorter and not nearly as challenging as the classic. Fanatic Ys fans will suffer some disappointment, but they should enjoy this adventure anyway - and then start looking forward to the next quest in the series!


  • Grab this Healing Herb before you fight the lava monster in Al-caino and then grab one more to cany into battle.
  • After you've defeated the lava boss head back to the lava lake and use the Stone Idol to freeze the lava so that you can cross the lake safely.
  • To defeat the Dragon Boss stand to the left of this ledge, dodge his shots, and then jump to the b'p of the ledge and slash him. Repeat this till he's done for.
  • To beat the second boss stand to the left of the screen, jump over or crawl under the disks he hurts, jump up and hack him with your sword, and then run back to the left of the screen to dodge his lightning blast. Repeat until he's done for.
  • Give Grandma Ada Roy a Pendant in Sarina and she'll give you the Shield Ring.
  • Equip yourself with your weapons of choice before you do battle with a boss. You can't equip during the fight.
  • Your rings lose power when you use them. Don't forget to un-equip them when you don't need them.

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