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  • Dj Mew2 posted a comment: 6 years, 8 months ago · View

    Hy, can u read me the game controll buttons? I found the jump and moving, but i can't change my character and can't use special force of choosed char.

  • Iva posted a comment: 6 years, 2 months ago · View

    that is my problem too

  • maria posted a comment: 6 years ago · View

    OMG, it's my first comp ( except mario ofc). game, it was like 15 years ago, wow .

  • Andy posted a comment: 6 years ago · View

    Yes this is a good game, I felt i had to own this being a Norwegian, But i downloaded Lost Vikings 2 from this site also, And the link has gone to Valhalla?, What the...

  • Andy posted a comment: 6 years ago · View

    Aha, I have found Lost Vikings 2, It's on gameguerilla so i must have downloaded the SNES version, Doh!....

  • nima posted a comment: 6 years ago · View

    This is the game i used to play 15 years ago when i was at highschool and i really enjoyed it that time as i studied my lessons sooner to find some time playing it. the game is wonderfull in being thoughtfull and still i enjoy playing it even i have finished it a long time ago. the CONTROL KEYS are S for pressing buttons or fire,, E for executing bombs or keys or vegetables you collect,,, TAB with SPACE for passing collectives to another viking and d for runner to make a head punch while he runs. Enjoy the game!!! i think you might also find ,,,Snail Mail,,, and ,,,Goo Balls,,, attractive.

  • nima posted a comment: 6 years ago · View

    i found lost vikings2,, i would mail it for u if u want.

  • Andy posted a comment: 6 years ago · View

    Hum thanks for the heads up but it is on the sister site to this one http://www.gameguerilla.com it is the SNES version though but it is still the same game, And the link is back again for the Sega version now thanks to Reggie!, Oh and you can custom the controls to your liking or add a game pad or joystick if you want using the options + set + config + control + Define, Hope this helps you!... If you need help ask and i will try to help if i can!.